Can you plug the PS3 TE wired fight stick into 360?

Or do I need an adapter of some sort.

you need to dual mod it.

Yes, you can.

No, it will not work.

How does one “dual mod”? Do I have to send it to someone to do it? Is it easy to do myself? What do I need to buy? Please provide links on where to buy stuff if I do have to buy stuff.

If you want to someone to mod it for you, is a useful thread.

There is tons of info on doing it yourself in the Tech Talk forum. Be sure to read the relevant stickies before asking questions, but any questions about dual modding would go there, not in this forum.

All the links you need are in the stickies in tech talk:

if you have to ask about how to mod something, its best to just pay someone to do it for you

well now that’s not necessarily true, I asked tech talk how to add LED’s under the plexiglas panel of my TE stick and they told me what to do. With no prior knowledge of circuits or electronics I was able to get 4 LED’s working in parallel using the USB power supply. it’s pretty neato.

you can, but it won’t work. dual mod it.

It wont work unless you have an adapter or the stick has been dual modded.