Can you purchase parts from the factories/offices?


i want to know if you can get some sticks and buttons if you go to the sanwa or seimitsu corporate office and/or factories.<div><br></div><div>i am trying to find the defunct and long lost sanwa JL-B joystick. I think that if I travel to their offices and factories, that they might have some in stock. if not, i might have to scour japan for it.</div>


The rule of ordering from the factory/office is be prepared to order in BULK. This is the same for companies around the world.<br><br>If the part is defunct and out of production the factory isn’t going to have it unless you want to custom order a few thousand.<br><br>Not to mention most finical transactions are not straight forwards between the US and Japan. You can’t just send the money via Pay Pal.<br>You have to do a overseas bank transaction, which is at best tedious.<br><br>What you can do is get in contact with a dealer in Japan and see if he or she can scrounge you up the part for a fee.<br>


Ordering in bulk - yep, thats how it works
-option - Akishop
-They take paypal =)

Overseas Bank transfer ?

  • meh, I ordered a cabinet from coinop and used HSBC’s new york office to make payment for my items =)

Darksakul is always right, I’m just chiming in, and suggesting Akishop.


Whats great about stores like Akishop. is they are acting as the middle man.
But with some rare exceptions businesses like Akishop isn’t going to make a bulk order unless they feel the demand is worth it.
It is how the Mesh Ball Tops got started, they were originally as large bulk order that happen to have a few extra, it got popular and caught on.

Other wise if it is a discontinued product, a Buisness is willing to hunt for whats called NEW OLD STOCK for a fee.