Can you remove the side of a Round 1 TE?

Just wondering if anyone has removed the White side on the round 1 TE sticks. I see the mockups but I don’t remember seeing any pics. I want to see what the actual stick looks like with the white molding piece off and if they just pop right back on.

I have been going nuts trying to get a 2p vewlix panel cheap but its impossible. If I could throw 2 TE’s together, take off the bezel and print my own art I may have something going here.

yeah they come off quite easily. You have to void the warranty though and open the joystick from the underside.

Hmmm, so If I took off the left side on onew. And the right side on the next. I could join 2 together. I could use a long sheet of plexi, add a few start buttons on top and do my own art work… Maybe even use 2 full length Art Plexi’s…

At least I would have the trouble of PCBs and such.

Sounds like fun lol. You’d need to support the chassis unless the sticks will be bolted to a cabinet of some sort.

well the side white pieces are one piece… which means when you remove the white piece both sides will be gone. I guess you could hack off one of the sides with dremel.
to remove the white side pieces you need to remove the bottom metal panel. then you will see 9 or so screws with red goop on them, once the 9 or so screws are removed you can slide the center piece from the side piece.

The white side parts of the original TEs are not one piece and can be removed separately. I did so in order to paint them without masking.


I am all over Youtube trying to find a video showing this. Tons of faceplate mods but none for taking those sides off or a complete disassembly.

RichL is saying that using a Custom Acrylic Panel that is long for two TE is not enough to hold the two TE together.
You will have to make the TE Cases connect to each other somehow.

It’s actually very easy. You just have to start from the bottom and keep in mind it will void the warranty. Just keep removing the screwed until the case splits in half top/bottom and then remove the last few screws to take 1 of the sides off. Be careful with the screws since they are aluminum and strip easily.

I see now:

Those white pieces are what holds the whole thing together. I was thinking the white pieces were just cosmetic and the black case was flat on that side. Not impossible but I wouldn’t be able to go back most likely.