Can you setup the infinite with the bastard?

I’ve had trouble lately, but I can setup IM’s perfectly.

if u want an easier way…

USe Psy on Anti aire assist and then inf

easy enuff

thats because theyre heavier characters but the whole infinite on normal characters is the same for both of them. and keeps them at the same height. and iron man is the stronger character but war machine is faster.

…In case anyone was browing the WM forums, and was wondering:

}c.MP xx sj.LP air dash LP -> infinite (j.LP, j.MP, j.MK, j.+HP, repeat)
}s.HK, sj.HK or sj.d+HP, air dash d/f LK, MK, u+HP ->infinite
}c.MP, s.HK, sj.HP (neutral), air dash d/f LK, MK, u+HP -> infinite
}j.u+HK ->infinite

The third one is the one you want to use if you’re hitting someone out of the air with s.HK, or if you preceeded a launch with a c.MP. Take note that c.MP -> s.RK doesn’t connect on Sentinel, so if you get the chance, you want to do the superjump cancel (the first combo). General air combo I use is c.MP, s.HK, sj.LK, sj.MP, sj.u+HP, air dash u/f sj.LP, sj.u+HK xx fly LP, u+HP xx Shoulder Cannon or Smart Bombs, but I’m a scrub, so there’s probably a better one.

The unfly infinite is fly [LP, MP, u+HP xx fly u+HP, air dash u/f]xN, but only really works well in the corner. You can omit the MP, and vs the super-heavy characters, you need to use flying LK to keep them at the right height, since it bounces people higher than the LP.

After the infinite, you want to do s.HK xx War Destroyer, or LP Repulsor Blast xx War Destroyer. As for non-infinite combos, you can combo a LP Repulsor Blast from c.MP and cancel it to either super (use War Destroyer, as it does more damage unless there were many hits beforehand). You can do infinite-> s.RK -> team super if you havee WM set to AAA, if you feel like wasting meter.

to me war is like ryu and iron is the ken