Can you shorten inputs in KOF13 like SF3?

Title says it all, if you not sure what i mean check this link [media=youtube]goEmjS9JDTA[/media]

So SRK forum can you?

watches the video
Still don’t know what you mean. Try introducing your question a little be more next time.

If you mean use part of the special input as a super input: Yes.

rdp+B xx air super with Kyo can be done as 421B41236P for example.

But that doesn’t really shorten inputs, so your question is kinda ambiguous.

Different from SF3, you have to hit all directions for half circles. I believe that in 3s a hcb can be input as 6321, in KOF you cannot shorten it like that you have to 63214.

There are no short cuts in KOF


thaken from


They’re more like longcuts though. haha.

Thanks for the replies, the dreamcancel thread is exactly what I want to know. *

Oh, just from watching that video, I’ll point out that negative edge doesn’t exist in this game.