Can you switch out an american cab with japanese parts?

i was wondering if you have an american arcade cab with happ parts in it , can you switch out the happ parts and replace it sanwa parts ???

You can but you’ll have to build a new control panel for the cab.

That would probably be the easiest way.

What kind of control panel do you have? I’ve got a U.S. SSF2 cab, with metal mounting plates for the sticks. Some make-shift “adapters”, pieced together from home depot, did the trick for mounting sanwas. Sanwa snap-ins work fine in the standard button mounting holes in the wood part of the panel. If your sticks mount to the wood, however, then it is probably too thick for japanese sticks.

if the sticks mount to the would couldn’t you just route it down to mount it?

that’s what i was thinking of doing.

so…aside from building a new control panel, is there any wiring stuff you have to deal with at all ? or do u just swap out the stick and buttons and ur done ?

It depends on what kind off parts you want from Sanwa. Do you have a pic off your cab/control panel?

I did this with one of my US cabs. Turned out well. Sounds like you need to get familiar with arcade parts first.

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i actually dont have a cab yet but i’m saving up for one so that’s why i was asking the questions. i never really liked happ cabs and japanese candy cabs ive seen are too expensive for me that’s why i just wanted to know about swapping out the parts.

Albert is right though i don’t know very much yet, still trying to understand it all.
btw nice cab al that’s pretty much what im looking to do

Candy cabs or American cabs are usually $300 - $500, for one’s worth owning. You can find 'em cheaper, but expect to do major renovations. Price is about equivalent between the two. So, if cost is the only determining factor, just be patient and keep looking for a candy cab.

Answer your question? :smiley:

In fact, I’m thinking of starting on version 2 of my panel top. If you wanted to rebuild the box, I might be willing to part with this one for a price. :wink: There’s just a few things I want to do differently.