Can you tag cancel out of ex gator slam

im sure ive seen this done before.

ive tried mashing the tag and even timing it but i cant seem to bring in my partner when i execute the move. anybody know if its possible?

you can but the timing is very very strict.

it has to be done during the first frame of the gator slam and can be done off the ex or normal versions but its really hard as you have only one frame to get it out, meaning you have to tag almost the same moment you do the slam

Today I started to learn this tag cancel of heavy gator slam but what is the use? It seems I cant combo into poison super, cr.h or anything.

AFAIK you can’t combo off the normal version, but you can combo off the EX version, which gives you a free charged up super with your incoming character. Its seriously frikin hard to do though. I thought they would fix it for v2013 but I guess not.