Can you tech air throws?

Someone asked me this the other day when I kept air throwing them with guile and to be honest I had no answer, personally I never seen a air throw teched but then I have not played that much. So can u tech air throws like ground throws and are any air throws untechable. Thanks



You can in 3s!

Non special air throws can be either teched/softened in Super Turbo and crossover or Alpha series games, too.

You also can in Xmen Vs. SF. :3

Sup Dander. >=)

That’s from the crossover series! :arazz:

BTW, can’t you do it in Xmen:CotA? Technically, that is not a crossover game.

speaking of which, whos got the highest priority air throw in these situations?

If I had to take a wild guess it’s probably Guile, his air throw is ridiculous. Guy’s might beat it out because it’s a command throw but I dunno. Just guessing with nothing to base it on.

HI Jeremiah! I’m still in the inland empire BORED AS FUCK

Probably player 1 if both hit at exactly the same frame, unless they randomize which player input they process first like they did in ST