Can you throw someone out of the startup frames of their throw?


sorry for the noob question. apologies if discussed but I can’t find it here.

If person A presses throw, then 1 or 2 frames later person b presses throw.

Will that count as a throw tech, or will person b get thrown?

normally if you get thrown while on the startup of a move, you cannot tech.


Will Throw tech:

Should read up on the wiki. Me, Shodan, M16Ghost, and James Chen spend a lot of time on it!


I hope this video answers future questions you have regarding throws


You could do it with Gouken’s backthrow in AE2012 right? But I think they’ve fixed it now?


Cool, So if I’m reading this right.

a throw has a standard 7 frame tech window, plus you get an extra 3 frames on the end of that if you’re standing, plus you can get an extra 2 frames at the start if you were on the start up your standing throw. total 12 frames. (2+7+3)

If you crouch tech, you get the 7, without the extra 5 potential frames.

If you were doing a standing option select. (e.g. You run the risk of getting thrown out of the start up of the, however if you did the option select after the throw connected, you get the extra 3 frames to tech?


i have a question, from the vid chun f.throw seems to be harder to tech or to pretech, but in the wiki says

EASIER to Tech
Chun-Li’s Forward/Neutral Throw (+1)

so im kinda confused, any help? @eternal ?


The video is wrong, Chun’s is easier to tech by 1F.


How is the video wrong?


read my other post from above


Lol, watched some of the video saw my name mentioned for a correction.

I correct so much shit I totally don’t remember that one.


but but give me an answer :frowning:

bad bad eternal


I gave this link in this thread once already. CLICK ON IT AND READ IT! There is a whole section on how some characters throws have shifted throw tech windows.



thats why im confused i hate you :frowning:


Bro, I just told you the right answer. Just because I’m not Eternal doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about ya know…


yeah how is the video wrong?

never liked your tv show to begin with


You have 1F longer to tech Chun li’s forward throw after the throw has already hit.

Not a hard concept to really grasp. Throw hits you have 7F to tech it. Chun Li’s throw hits you have 8F to tech it.


you know what forget it. im salty now.

i get what the wiki say, thats not the problem. GGs

im sad too


Sorry you’re salty but the truth is the truth. Seems like you are being confused because you want it to be something it’s not.


the video doesn’t mention “easier” or “harder” for good reason. whether a throw is easier or harder to tech depends on the technique you use. you can’t tech chun li’s throw 2f before the throw starts up, only 1f. in that sense it’s harder to tech meaty throws if you’re preteching in blockstun (TKD style). however, you can tech it 1f after most other throws are untechable. in that sense it’s easier to tech. in AE2012 you can tech gouken’s back throw a very long time after you would normally be able to, but it’s not “easier” to tech because if you use the standard tech timing, he will still be able to grab you.

forget about the idea that some throws are easier and harder to tech. just remember that some characters have shifted throw break windows.


Except Goukens can be teched 1-17F after it hits now. So it’s legit easier to tech :stuck_out_tongue: