Can you use a USB hub to dual mod your stick?


Just wondering if anyone has tried it, 360 should ignore the PS3 inputs because of the lack of the security IC and PS3 should ignore the 360 inputs because it is not plug and play.

Has anyone tried this before?


you’d still need to padhack to access signals
and a hub is more expensive than a small dpdt switch
and odds are this probably [S]won’t[/S] work




Just to make sure I understand it clearly: if I get a 360 and a ps3 pad pcbs and connect both to a usb hub that thing is gonna work “plug-and-play style”?


I believe it will, but unless you already have both controller boards it would be cheaper to use a PS360 (if you can find one) or the board from the paewang stick.

I would be a little concerned about lag from the hub though.



Two USB into Hub.
One USB out of Hub.


So let me get this straight…If I take My xbox 360 mad catz TE and trim back the usb cord and plug it in to the USB HUB and also take an MC Chtulhu and plug it in the USB Hub. Then use a single wire from the Hub to the console of my choice???


Yes, but then you won’t be able to utilize the Multiconsole of the Cthulhu. But if all you want is PS3 and 360, then that’s fine.


Interesting…I might attempt to do this, as all i would need is the hub.


It works on simple logic. You’re plugging in two sticks at once. Xbox 360 does not recognize PS3 PCB, so it disconnects PS3, but keeps 360. PS3 doesn’t recognize Xbox 360, so PS3 PCB sends signals, while xbox 360 never connects and communicates with the PS#, but the PS3 PCB does.

Might have some different results if you plug into PC, though. It would recognize both, so you would probably have to disable one or the other.


And since it’ll be perma connected to the hub, you can forget about the other consoles MC supports, even if you try to put in an RJ-45 on top of the hub.


Yes you can plug a 360 pcb and ps3 pcb into a usb hub and by plugging in the usb hub into either system will give you auto detection, but it will tell you that a unrecognized controller was connected referring to the other pcb. You still have to solder the button signals together.


I had a few hubs that refuse to connect to the Xbox 360 before


I value you guy’s opinion, so bottom line, What’s easier, this method using hubs, or Kitty?



hub still requires some soldering

kitty solderless mod


Well I think i’m about to order one. But i have a few questions.

When it comes to wiring the USB cable, you cut one end and use as your original, and can you use the other end as your out USB wire and then connect it to a Neutrick USB adapter?

I should order the Kitty kit, the neutrick usb adapter right? any other needed or suggested materials? and should i get the better JLF harness? And does the Neutrick adapter fit in a 24mm button hole with no modification? Does the neutrick come with the little boot or do i have to buy it separately?

  1. Technically, you can, but you don’t want to. You have a good quality, dedicated USB cord right there; use it. What you’re asking is making your job more difficult for no gain. If you put in a jack of any kind, it should be an RJ-45 jack.
  2. Kitty yes, usb jack optional and not recommended.
  3. Make sure you have all of the tools listed in the install guide, other than that, a short (12"?) ethernet cable to connect the RJ-45 jack to the Kitty’s rj-45 jack.
  4. It is HIGHLY recommended, but not required.
  5. Yes. But get the RJ-45 one.


Well I don’t intend to use the stick on anything except PS3/Xbox360/PC and I don’t feel i have the knowledge and tools to make RJ-45 system wires. I wanted the Neutrick adapter because i figured it would allow the wire on the kitty board to be under less stress if it were to be pulled or stepped on. I also think that being able to detach the wire is a nice feature. I don’t mind drilling the two holes. Are there any functionality problems when using the USB neutrick adapter? I will postpone ordering until i have all the info i need. Thanks for the help guys!


Here’s a nice idea, get a nice 3 or more port hub, then stick in a USB stick with some emulators in it for some fun. For even more fun, have it so that you can plug another stick into a free port. Instant daisy chain emu setup.


That sound’s awesome d3v! I wish i had the knowledge and skill to do something like that. But i’m not good at soldering. Hands are too shaky lol.

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