Can you use LK+MK+HK buttons in tournaments

are you allowed to use those buttons?


not really sure why this is in the balrog forums.

haha… that is NOT what you initially wrote! :slight_smile:

And yes, why is this in the Rog Forum? There is a Noobie board for that.

But to answer your question: If the shortcut is in the game, tournaments usually will allow it. Turbo buttons on the other hand they wont. Clear?

yeah i dont get it either

It’s probably in here because he wants to know if he can charge TAP by only pressing one button :wink:

If you need the shortcut buttons to charge TAP, maybe you shouldn’t go to tournaments :bgrin:

i like to hold it with my pinky and then i still have jab medium and fierce to fight

Hold kkk with your knuckles and you still have the punches available. But I wouldn’t charge tap longer than lvl1 anyways.