Can you Use Selfboot MVC2 for EVO? + Need some hot fighting music

JUst Wanted to ask if people can actually use their selfboot MVC2 at evo becuase when i saw some evo footage all I heard was the same old Jazz songs.
Plus I wanted ask some people if they any HOT Fighting music track i got already
1)Burly Brawl- (recomended)From the Matrix I think reloaded when Neo fights all the smiths
2)Fight on- Final Fantasy 7
4)flight643-Djtiesto goes good with the underground blue cave
Im still tryin to find a good song for the dessert stage so please if you any HOT fighting track please post thanx
Iwant to make the best mix possible to take to evo.

Maybe for BYOC, but for the Evo event itself, probably not, since any pirated copy = no go.

dam im still tryin to find good fighting tracks though

Dood, you said SANDSTORM. Anything else you have to say has immediately become null and void…wow, anybody who still wants to hear that shitty techno song after it got ridiculous constant radio play for something like 3+ years has to either have a peanut-like brain or just like shitty music…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Eric Prydz - Call On Me

Best fighting song ever.

Call on Me is hawt.

This guy likes some shit tastic overplayed music.

I mean. I love Tiesto and Flight 643… but sandstorm and FFVII battle theme? Ugh… let me go puke.

Only time sandstorm is acceptable is as a joke on the desert stage of CvS2.

As much as everyone would love to have custom MvC2 music while they play they can’t. Only reason being is because this is a huge tournament and you never know if media and all are going to come in. That was one thing I remember Wiz stating last year. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Evo could know if media is coming if they sat their asses down and write one single f*cking news release, just like MLG does. Without it, its an almost sure no go for the media .

So you know any good songs jak azzez? thats why i posted this forum in da first place

The songs on “NEC 6” video are great !! Anyone knows what the music are ???

Demon Hyo’s mvc2 songlist
Select Screen: 3RD Strike character select
Capcom Logo: Magneto from X-men Evolution
Intro: Street Fighter V
Menu: Linkin Park- Step Up
Pirate Ship Stage: FF7 Advent Chilren- Sephiroth and Cloud Battle
Underground Cave: Garuda’s stage from Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
Desert Stage: I have to look it up
Ice Stage: Sandstorm Remix
Boss Stage#1: Matrix Revolutions: Mr. Smith and Neo LAST BATTLE
Circus Stage: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack Have to look up name
The Bridge: Devil May Cry 3 Soundtrack Have to look up name
Factory: Burly Brawl
Training Stage: Makoto 3rd Strike
this is what they used at NEC6

At least no one has mentioned D12 - Fight Music. That would be the ultimate lame.

i’ve been playing the game so long with the orig music its feels weird if it was something else.