Can you...

play online with someone else from the same console at the same time? Like be on the same team and fight other people online?


Apparently you cannot. Thanks for being so sure before answering. Dumb fuck

where does it say we can/cant ?

Dunno where it says that but I know because I have the game. You can’t have 2 people on the same console and go online to fight other people. Unless someone knows something I don’t about this…

Charming thread

if you dont mind me asking is the color customisation good ?

Not really lol. You can change a lot of the parts of the character’s clothing but there are only 4 different colors. All have black/silverish white and 2 other colors.

Don’t forget the day 1 free dlc pack with more color options.

haha did you buy this game for that sole purpose? I hope you did hahahaha

I’m pretty sure though I heard Seth Killian say you could do that. Oh well.

You can’t play online with two people on the same console? I could have sworn someone else “confirmed” that in another thread.
That was one of the game’s selling points for me. :frowning:

I am pretty sure, like everybody else is saying, that someone confirmed it. Oh well, that’s too bad. Also one of the selling points for me.

Idk I call bs or the op is just a retard, which seems to be pretty apparent.

Yea I’m pretty fuckin sure that Seth Killian said that you could.

You can play online battles with a local tag partner. Once a battle starts and you’re taken to the character select screen, player 2 just has to press start on their controller for them to jump in and select their character. You can try it yourself if you can find anyone online to play with.

Also, try to be less of a dick to the people who are trying to help you find your answer.

haha OP confirmed to be an asshole

Wow, what a relief.
I think my hype’s actually higher than it started. :tup:

yay. ive been excited to play online with my roomate. i even bought a new stick just for the occasion.

That’s some bullshit. It doesn’t work.

Hey, do you have to unlock any characters? Or are all of them unlocked?