[Canada] Cigar Box Hitbox


WTS the following. I live in Alberta, Canada but will ship to Canada or the US. The following prices are listed in CAD without shipping- if you ask for shipping I will calculate the cost to your location.

Here are pics of everything - http://imgur.com/a/V8xbM

-Cigar box hitbox. Kind of an impulse buy, and I thought I was buying a dual modded stick (it’s PS3/PC) only. I also decided that hitbox isn’t for me. in good condition except for a couple of noticeable nicks in the paint on both of the corners. $100.


I bought one V.S. from this seller. Dunno about shipping to Canada, though:


Thanks for the lookout @RoyalFlushTZ :slight_smile: Hope you’re happy with yours!


Updated with WTS items.


Qanba Q4RAF sold.


Q2 Glow sold.


Price drop on the hitbox.


How much shipping cost to Australia, North QLD if you are willing?


It’s probably around $40. Sorry for the late reply.


Two months later, I show up! How does the hitbox feel? How much would shipping to the US be?


Can you message me a zip code?