Canada Cup 2011 city?

Hey guys just thought I post this to get some input. Which Canadian city would you like to see the Canada Cup 2011 at and why? We do have some requirements for that city.

Population has to be more than 1 million.
We are able to obtain 20 or more volunteer staff.
Venues/hotels that can hold 500-1000 people.
Internet upload speeds of 5mb or more.
Approval from current citys tournament organizers


How many people will attend if it was in their city?
Hotel venue pricing and cap?
What kind of support and staff are availible?
What international players can we attract?
Is the City ok with $35-40 venue fees?


I think the most obvious choices are either Toronto or Montreal.

** Saskatchewan!**

Calgary again, or Vancouver
fuck TO
fuck MTL

dude u shouldnt even be allowed to post in this forums ******. You dissed the whole country on the fucking stream. Oh and Obviously I vote Montreal all of your requirements would be easily met

also, since that’s too short, u mad


but realistically I would say Vancouver or Toronto. Do we really want to go to fucking quebec? Fucking frenchies

lol why did you edit your post? You said you only dissed insecure idiots so all canadians are insecure idiots? Neways Im not even replying to you nemore ur garbage at SF and not worth wastin my time on anyways

montreal for sure cuz we are the best in SF…west coast sucks…jozhear is ass

In the East coast do it in MTL yo.

If you must in the west, Vancouver…id be much more inclined to go to vancouver than calgary.

I know this probably sounds pretty ambitious and/or a pain in the ass but how about you alternate between West Coast and East Coast every year?

I would’ve have loved to have gone to CC so having it in MTL or TO next year would be nice.

This will be a long and vicious thread.

Most - if not all - of us in MTLSF are perfectly bilingual, dude… and if you’re just adverse to the thought of Quebec, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing a night of heavy drinking and poutine can’t fix lol.

Or Montreal girls.

Time to whip the popcorn out lol

toronto next year mtl the year after

I’d say Calgary (or Vancouver!). East can QQ moar, or hold their own tourney and send their best out to represent if they don’t like it. Nothing personal, of course. Just business.:smokin:

Calgary or Vancouver.
West Coast is easier to invite international high profile players.

I’d like to try and break even somehow in 2011. Are these cities ok with $35-$40 2 days venue fees?