Canada Cup 2012 Team Canada Qualifier Calgary - Sept. 16th


The Team Canada 2012 Qualifier for Calgary has been locked in with the venue finally!

Canada Cup Gaming and Gamer Sundays are proud to present the Calgary Team Canada Qualifier! This is a big one because winning this GUARANTEES you a spot on Team Canada 2012. This is one of 3 hard spots that can be won. The other two of course being handled by MTLSF and TTT.

Sunday Sept. 16th

Dickens Pub 1000, 9th Ave. SW in Calgary, AB
This is NOT an all ages venue 18+ only! Sorry kids

Official Tournament:
Super Street Fighter 4 2012: Arcade Edition

Side Tournaments:
TBD (This one is depending on your interest folks. If there’s enough drive for side games we’ll make sure there’s consoles and discs available. Vote with your posts. If you ask, we provide and you no show, I’m hunting you down.)

Doors are at Noon
Registration cut off is at 2:00pm
Tournament starts at 4:00pm

Dickens usually closes around Midnight - 1:00am on Sundays depending on people’s eagerness to hang around so there is no set end time. Legally they venue must close by 3:00am

Prize Distribution:

***Winner of the AE2012 Tournament is also guaranteed a spot on Team Canada 2012 at this year’s Canada Cup. *

For local players we will supply venue entry fees or a free VIP upgrade if you buy your pass.
If heaven forbid an out of towner wins we will compensate them with 50% of their travel costs (this doesn’t include hotel).**


Super Street Fighter 4: AE2012 XBOX360
$10 Entry
Double Elim
Best 2 of 3 / Best 3 of 5 Winners, Losers, Grand Finals
All the other rules can be found on the Canada Cup Gaming site HERE

Venue Fee???:
Gamer Sundays wants this to be open to one and all. The only cash you have to spend is on tournament entry.

Sign Up via Google Doc Here

Calgary Thread 2012

Seeya there, stinky calgarians


Yeah! Dey terk er jerbs!


this fucking 18+ shit again


become a man andy!!!


I’m going to attend this!


A personal good luck to Lapchi. I wanna see how he does as Team Canada.


Turns out I don’t have to work the day after the tournament…



Peter wanna stream this? I wonder how many people are coming to this?
Team canada is kinda a big deal!


i love ccg and all but to be completely honest an all ages venue would probably be better for this kind of thing for the sake of fairness since canada cup is gonna be all ages

i’d like to commentate this if someone will stream it :slight_smile:


I know 18+ sucks but we can do no venue charge because Dickens is providing the venue for free. There’s already a ton of overhead for Canada Cup this year and if Chris over at Dickens can save us cash money I’m not going to say no.


How about a sticky!?


Save us Contra! You’re our only hope!


PM him!


See you on the 16th then good sirs


Good luck with this


Side games?
MvC, P4A, KoF, SC5, MK9, TTT2 in that order for priority? =D


P4A side tourney please?


Okay Guys,

I’ve done some thinking and the only way I can promise side games is if we get 10+ people per game. There’s no point at less than that.
Sooooooo, vote with attendance and let us know ahead of time what YOU want to play on the 16th.

Use the Google Doc Here to sign up.


UPDATE: If you check the Google Doc, the P4A players are winning.

If two more people confirm then it goes down and I go out in two.