Canada Cup Gaming - Online 5V5 City VS. City (5v5)

Canada Cup Gaming would like to promote Canadian players by offering a challenge to any and all of the competitive scenes across our large demographic.


  • Any fighting game.
  • Gather five of the top players in your city or town.
  • Decide on a team captain that will lead your team into battle.
  • Use this thread to challenge a rival city or team.

Once a challenge has been accepted, the team captains will co-ordinate with each other to decide on a time to play.

Preferably there should be a live stream of the event, or, at the very least a recording that can be uploaded at a later time.

The winning team of each event will receive prizes from Canada Cup Gaming!

Links to the videos will be promoted on the Canada Cup Gaming website, Twitch.TV and YouTube channel. And, of course - the winning team will have bragging rights!!!

Play for fun, play for glory, play for money - it’s up to you to decide.

As always - keep it classy. We will not promote anything that contains explicit material.

If you have any questions feel free to PM myself, or, contact via E-mail:


Good luck, have fun - looking forward to seeing what Canada has to offer!!!


Calgary vs Vancouver first
$500 mm i’m just waiting for Airs team.

would each set be a best of 3 or just 1 set per player?

How do I qualify for this?

I think it should be up to the team captains to decide regarding best of 3 or 1 set …

josh, assemble a team… that’s how you qualify, lol. then challenge another city!

Sweet idea guys, now we can finally determine who owns who:)

Hmm Edmonton vs Toronto UMVC3?? lets go!

The only problem I can foresee is that you can’t find out who’s cuisine reigns supreme in KOF XIII because the net code is the assiest of asses.

I wanna be on team Calgary. I hope I get in.

Yep we’d run it for sure. I just wanna know what we get after we win

Can you challenge a 5 man team with just 1 person, so for example like a handicap match of 1 vs 5?

OK well we have Calgary VS. Vancouver, first on the docket.

I vouch for the date very soon - we have a long weekend (Monday, Feb. 20th is a stat holiday) coming up quick… who are the team captains?

Both of you please e-mail myself with your list of players / their mains - as well as a date / time you have decided to do it on.

I believe we can stream via CCG Twitch.TV or at the very least troyosaurous’ page

How would that even work, evo? are you saying the person (presumably you) would OCV an entire team?
or post how you think it could happen (rule sets)

if a challenging team accepts then power to ya

Easily assuming it isn’t ec, OCVing is no problem mate:)

get on it then. hit the forums, see who would be up to your challenge.


Fuck yeah!! Besides I want to fight the East side Skrull!

I am currently setting up the challenge for Soul Calibur 5. Montreal versus Toronto. I have currently gathering a list of the interested people in Montreal and I have sent the challenge to Toronto in the appropriate Thread on 8wayrun. I’ll keep the status of the challenge updated !

This reminds me of wow nerd days.


How are teams being decided?

east > west when it comes to skrull