Canada Cup Presents: Marvel Madness RESULTS

SSF4 3v3:

  1. Team USA
  3. Give a F!&@
  4. Lap’s Team

SSF4 Top 8:

  1. Air
  2. J.Wong
  3. Marn
  4. Jozhear
  5. Canadian Psycho
  6. Gootecks
  7. TMJ
  8. Khoa

MVC3 3v3:

  1. Team USA
  2. Team Tubby Dog
  3. Team Donkey Kong
  4. Cast of Cheers

MVC3 Top 8:

  1. J.Wong
  2. Marn
  3. Detrimantix
  4. Hai
  5. TMJ
  6. Bee
  7. Blackadde
  8. Angry Mike

for the full bracket list I’m still unpacking and they all get put into different boxes.

Great tourney!!! You guys handled the stream very well. It was crystal clear and I liked the commentary. James Chen and the Calgary/Edmonton guys on the mic did a good job.

I also liked how the stream started on time on both days. Some players were late but there were still casuals streamed which gives a professional image compared to some other tourneys who start hours late with nothing streamed in the meantime.

A lot of stream monsters were complaining about one mic being too loud but that was only a minor problem. Besides, the stream monsters can fix it easily by moving the balance of their master volume a bit to the right. That way at home you can hear both commentators with the same volume.

I see Canadian players have leveled up since Canada Cup. The Vega, Fei Long and Hakan players among others were very good. Air vs Justin in grand finals was awesome lol

We had some hardware problems with one of the mics early in and were fighting that sucker all weekend. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback man.