Canada explain yourselves


Bill C16 is going to make civil lawsuits abundant if you misuse someones gender identity. This is direct censorship and regardless of whether or not they knew, the proper pronoun is irrelevant and can be processed. So what I’ve learned today and that Canada is not only going down the shitter but they don’t understand basic biology.


Canada was gone the second Trudeau was elected as the better alternative to Steven Harper.
While its nice to be up in arms about this but honestly this whole gender issue is a huge distraction. Canada has bigger issues like Trudeau bailing out a french company bombardier.
Under investigations for multiple private trips, M 103, Liberal broken record responses, illegals crossing into Canada from the states.

Now, I’m sure there are trolls that would called Canada cucked to hell and back BUT I’ll still wager that Canada isnt THAT bad as long liberals dont win re-election in 2019.
If they do then I’ll admit whole heartly that Canada is gone. Based on the conservative leadership race I’m not to hopeful on Maxime Bernier at all, but its better then liberals of NDP.
(Still pissed O’Leary dropped out. Hell, I’d even take Deepak Obhrai over Bernier.)


Poutine is still good as Fucc doe :coffee:


Yeah that shit looks dumb as hell, hope it gets completely shitcanned.


LOL, what are you for reals?

I agree, it is. It’s why in the US verbal assault is usually tossed out in court.
It’s not nice, but you are free to call someone a FUCK FACE or what other insult you want.
Now this is not license to go relentless and make someone break down in tears, at some point there is a line.

I see it like this, if someone want to be identified by another gender, just say so politely instead of getting all SJW Rage Triggered.

Just don’t use some stupid made up/fictional Genders with unclear English pronunciation like phe/pher/phis/per or what ever bullshit.
If you want me to refer you as a IT, sure you are a it/that/them or what ever.
And English as the least amount of gender related nouns and verbs, example in Spanish or French everything has a male or female gender tied to it.

And if that is the case that you say you want me to use what ever gender Pronouns, sure.
Accommodation is a two way process, and if you want me to accommodate for your life choices, you need to accommodate for me with a little understanding that I am not a mind reader.

They been doing that for a long ass time.


Parliament did it, I had no say in it and I don’t care.

What do you want me to do?


Do people really ignore the difference of meaning between gender and sex?

Christ. I swear some of you are actively work to stay stupid.


You act like half your country isn’t retarded.


The people touting that shit all the time don’t even get the differences right. They change it to fit whatever bullshit they are crying about.


they’ve been used interchangeably for the past i don’t know how many years here by teachers and pretty much everyone else. actual gender is never brought up when discussing anything so yeah a lot of people are very confused.


irrelevant horse shit.

you either XX or XY,

nobody should care, and nobody should be force to respect and normalize cognitive dissonance.


Shut the fuck up.


I hope Nova Scotia doesn’t get rekt before I can visit it again.



Raz0r is heteroflexible and you will not tell him otherwise.


we’ve always had more than two genders, but with sex, we’ve only really had two (not counting intersex)

nancygirl (feminine man)
tomboy (masculine woman)

gender is nothing more than a social construct, there can be as many or as few as you can think of.


Then gender is meaningless.

People are talking about biological sex. I don’t care if a man or woman identifies as a dog or a cat. I’m calling them a man or a woman.

If “gender” now means a role or ones opinion of what they are… then gender is as meaningless as an opinion.

It’s my opinion that dime_x is awesome and few people actually know this.

Doesn’t matter cause it’s an opinion.

Something as fluid as an undefined opinion shouldn’t be law.

Lol, what about dumb bitches that think they are male on Monday, but female on the weekend. Lol shits dumb. Leave that shit to the academics that wouldn’t know the difference between a book and a fist in their ass.


THIS, This 110%.


As a Canadian, I agree entirely. However, as a Canadian, I also must say that as rocky as things have been, it’s nowhere near as bad as shit was getting under Harper’s crooked ass rule. I mean sure, we’re never going to be as bad as the States, but the last truly good Prime Minister we had was probably Chretien.


que que?

I don’t speak gay


I can’t say I’m surprised but at the same time… fuck this country.