(Canada) Help me find a PS3 fighting stick


I live in Quebec (Canada) and i’m trying to get a stick for SF4…

So far i’m not lucky, can’t find anything under 100$.

Amazon.com won’t ship to me, only amazon.ca… but they have crap there…

Can you guys help me?

Also is this stick any good?


Dude that stick is trendy-modern, you gotta get it.

Oh snap, trendy-modern and it has a comfrotable 8-way joystick?!?

If you don’t buy some Hori Fightstick 3s on ebay (search for ‘hori 3’) for ~$80, you could probably just mod the hell out of that ‘PS3 Arcade Table Stick’. :rofl:


If you live in Saskatchewan everything is hard to find.

Heck in regina, theres no chance in hell you will find a SF4 machine.

If you live anywhere in Canada its tough. I walked all up and down Yonge Street in TO, and went to the Pacific Mall too. Sold out everywhere, even of the crappy sticks.

I will add … I’ve been checking Ebay as well. The only company I could find in Canada selling stuff is PnP Games. Prices are pretty high, but they are based out of Manitoba.

Worth checking out if you have cash to burn I suppose.

You’re pretty much sol if you want something < 100$. The craptastic Hori FS3 sells for 80$ at pmall and even those are SOLDOUT like velkynn said.

But can’t you get it for 60$ plus tax at amazon.ca

Yeah but is the stick i link actually good? Or should i got for the Hori one? (Or the Madcatz)

there is no more on amazon


I don’t think the stick linked to in the OP is something you’d want to consider seriously. I know I wouldn’t spend money on it anyway.

I’m in a similar situation, in Toronto looking for some stick solution on PS3. I was considering finding out if EB is still taking orders for the Mad Catz stick (preferably TE), but even that might be a long shot. There’s nowhere that sells Real Arcade Pros or that has the Mad Catz sticks in Canada and those are about the only choices. The Fighting Stick 3 and Soul Calibur 4 sticks (basically the same I think) are not easy to mod/repair and aren’t particularly nice for the price.

Finkle is a builder here and is in Toronto, but he’s got quite a waitlist I think and his prices are just about as high if not more so than a TE (at least at retail price).

Ordering from Japan or the US is usually possible (though expensive), but basically everyone seems totally sold out at the moment of everything.

That leaves Ebay/Amazon, but prices are pretty ridiculous right now. Mad Catz really doesn’t seem to have met demand at all for their sticks so even prices on those range from $125(SE) to $500 (TE).

So I don’t know about EB Games, but you could contact them and find out if you could still get one of the Mad Catz sticks. SE is cheaper, but I don’t know if I’d recommend that. Value on the TE seems a lot better to me even with the price …

The only other real option is to build your own. You’ll likely save some money here, but you’ve got to invest time. I’d really like to just put my own together, but unfortunately making a body poses me problems.

So yeah, it’s pretty tough right now.

build my own? LOL how do i do that? I doubt there’s a shop for buttons and cable, and i know nothing about electronic…

Are they going to release another batch of Madcatz?

EB is still taking pre-orders for TE sticks, their ETA is mid March.

1, diy one for your self
2, buy HORI Fighting Stick 3 on amazon.ca
3, if you can mod yourself, just follow step 2 and buy parts

or you dont care price, just ask someone and find place to buy HRAP3

Wish I had found this place earlier, I could knock together some cheap customs for under $100, but I’m not allowed to access the sale forums.

Honestly, I would say DIY one yourself. It’s honestly not that hard, and mine cost me a grand total of $60 to put together. (Keep in mind that I already owned a compound mitre saw, solder station, etc.

Where can i buy the parts? My father owns over 100k of tools, i’m pretty sure i can do something with him… but electronics… we both suck.

LizardLick is probably the best place for parts. Anything else you’d need (wires, quick disconnects) should be at LL too or an electronics store.

I’d do one myself, but I don’t really have the means or knowledge to make a proper body for the stick. Parts are fairly easy and the wiring wouldn’t be bad, but sanwa parts and a Chuthulu board would run at least $100 by themselves to get up here.

If EB is still taking orders, I’ll check them out. The price for the TE is just pretty crazy.

i got u bro =]

Guys in toronto… stay tuned… I am working with a local woodwork shop to see if they can bang out a limited run of boxes…


Doesn’t Gamestop sell the fighting stick 3’s for $30?

I know I’ve seen other brands at Gamestop before (The Pelican stick). You might wanna try checking there maybe?