~CANADA IN TOWN~ Family Fun Arcade Tourney... MvC2, XMvSF 3s, T5DR! Thursday April 4


~CANADA IN TOWN~ Family Fun Arcade Tourney… MvC2, XMvSF 3s, T5DR!! Thursday April 5

We got Shiro from Canada in town for Spring break April 2-April 6 and so lets show him what So Cal has to offer. I will be throwing a tourney for the games he plays which are XMvSF, MvC2 and T5DR.

The tournament will be on Thursday, April 5 because he is leaving on the 5th.

Tourney will start around 7pm.

All tourneys are standard, $5 entry fee double elim. If I can get help running T5, that would be great.


He also plays 3s so if we can do something with 3s like money matches or a mini tourney, that would be great.

To Tom/Shogo, if you can fix XMvSF with its minor problems, that would be great. XMvSF is Shiros main game and the main reason he is coming.



I should be there around 12 am on monday so hope to see you peeps there. any one willing to pick me up


The 4th is on a Wednesday not a Thursday.




this is the last tourney i will enter (only cuz i need to get 20 bucks from illan hahaha)

mmds: can you also change it to Farewell: Guywongsta tourney? hahaha


you still need to change the title of this thread to 5th.


April fools :looney: :looney: :looney:


thank God, illan is out of town…hahaha


I had a feeling it was.


LOL… thats all I got to say


Shiro going to FFA?

Yo shiro show him wat Canada XvSF is all about.


you’ve all been HAD… hahahahhahaa