Canada invades EVO2011: trip planning and discussion thread

long ways away, but if enough people are going through, i’ll make the pilgrimage…

1st year going and can’t wait!

I am planning on going, I have a connection to a condo for a week, costing 260 for that week, pretty close to the strip.

Enough space for six people, let me know if there is interest while I get more info

updated the first post regarding some flight information/luggage stuff. Also updated the Money Saving Tips with JayWang’s post. Just in case you guy dont’ check the 1st post.

noodle we should watch for seat sales to, just suggesting

i nearly got bant for making a similiar thread like this…

Just finished booking my flight/rooms. 490 each. 27th - 2nd.

Heading down as well this year. I’m really looking forward to it!

Everyone who’s planning to stay at the Rio during EVO should check their rates.

3 nights at the evo “discount” rate is 388.64
from the rio site you can have a room for 3 nights at 288.92

There’s a 30% discount code for booking 3 nights.

Now i’m now sure about the quality of the rooms themselves if there are differences or not, but for $100 i’d rather cheap out for a basically a bed.

I got an angry pm saying if we don’t use the evo discount that there will never be an evo next year.

I’m suprised this thread has stayed up here this long. Like I said I nearly got banned for saying something.

Hey guys, sorry to revive an old thread but is there anyone who already booked a hotel and needs another person to partner up on the room please let me know. I plan on flying in Thursday and departing on the Monday.

I just thought this thread needed a kickback up. This needs to be stickied as well.
TTT will be going to EVO. Hope to see you guys there.

Who’s confirmed for EVO?


Very useful info with evo right around the corner, stickied

Got a bunch of people coming from Winnipeg again this year, 10-15 I believe.

I’m hype, only 5 weeks away :smiley:

gonna be leaving on the 25th for evo ^^

…Shot in the dark here, but are any of my fellow newfies going? Anyone out there? I can’t be the only one, right?

10-15 people??? Holy shit. Winnipeg in full force!

That’s how we roll!

I am now looking for one roommate for the Rio. It’ll be 270 per person for 4 nights. Thursday night through Monday morning. It’s a 2 bed hotel room so each of us gets a bed. First come first serve I guess. If you want to guarantee I reserve it for you. I am asking for a 100 dollar deposit.

Please PM me.

^terence i might stay with you, wilson said he might back out.

Hey everyone, first time poster, long time reader. I’m seriously considering a trip to EVO this year. I’ve never been to any kind of tourney before but I absolutely can’t stop thinking about going. I have no naive dreams of doing well in tourney, but just to experience it would be enough for me. It sounds like I need to bring my fight stick? Keep the tips coming as any/all info is very welcome. Cheers