Canada is Stupid Reloaded: Canada Election 2011


Like weird little twins even we have this angry divide between parties in Canada. The 3rd election in 5 years, hence the title, kind of shows how fucking useless our government is without adopting a more coalition approach since we’ve been so comfortable with majority rulings for so long.

The hilarity of some quotes and articles are meme tastic with the following:

Vote for anyone else at your peril, Canada - Scott Feschuk -


Stephen Harper is a Totally Normal Guy

Layton’s call: ‘Kick every Conservative MP out of Edmonton’ - The Globe and Mail

The Harper Government

For the first time I don’t know who the fuck I’m going to vote for out of the big 3 (big 4 if you’re in Quebec). Every election I hope that Canada is progressive enough to allow a green party candidate in, just to shake things up, but it seems the only way they’ll get in is if Canada is in such a fucking political shit bucket that people would rather choose to not vote than to elect something different.



Get rid of the NDP and Bloc party, both are useless. Have the people vote for conservatives or liberals and we’ll have a majority government.

IMO, this election is Harper to lose. Compare to the rest of the world, Canada, economic wise, has been good. I just didnt like money spend on the g20 and on War planes.


voting BQ is fucking stupid. And quebec wonders why their province sinks lower and lower into poverty and depression. If you seriously think the rest of Canada doesn’t care about you, grow the fuck up.

And getting Harper out of power is our NUMBER ONE priority. Seriously, he parlayed parliament when shit was getting ugly, DURING THE FUCKING RECESSION, then went to the Governor-General to try to not get kicked the fuck out. The same Harper that wanted to change the name of the Government of Canada to the Harper Government. The same that wants to abolish most of our rights, and make us part of America.

And I completely agree with Rick Mercer, as usual. Canada does not want the youth to vote at all. And our youth is stupid anyways for not voting.

I voted NDP last election, and will again. Jack Layton seems to actually want to change things in this country.

Held what down during the financial crisis? He allowed banks to continue charging high interest, he did NOTHING to help the economy (Ontario’s economy is still in shambles, and it’s the fucking Liberal provincial government doing ANYTHING), and like I said, he fucking parlayed government (ie- they all stopped working and had a fucking SEVERAL MONTH LONG recess) DURING THE FUCKING RECESSION.

Ignatieff is a weird man. I don’t trust him, and the liberals are retarded for allowing him to lead their party.

Dunno why people hate Layton so much.

And the Green party actually got a few people elected last time around, mainly because they were finally allowed to compete in debates and rallys, for the first time ever. I would NOT be surprised to see them get more votes this time around.


Honestly I cant really complain too much about Harper. He held it down during the financial crisis and theres something about Ignatieff i just dont like.



Not to shit on you, but your thinking is the reason we are in this mess. You might as well not vote if ur going to pick NDP. They are never going to be the government of canada or even the 1st opposition party ever. What kind of platform do they run on? They are the only party that comes out and tries to be on the pro side to any issues that can put them on front page of the news.
It doesnt surprise me NDPs votes mainly come from youth, because we are not educated enough to see what they say are just words, with no backing. All we care about is which party will cut our tuitions.

Edit: Get you facts straight. He parlayed government because your useless party didnt get all they demanded and decide to vote down the budget, DURING A RECESSION. Then turn around and shook hands with the Liberals and Bloc to form a coliation.


Huh? Are you talking about proroguing parliament?

Honestly, the conservatives haven’t been doing too bad. They’ve done some silly things but no more than any other government would. I think the best thing that could happen, and what most likely will happen, in this election is the conservatives will take another minority, and Ignatieff will step down, leaving room for a better Liberal leader that people might actually vote for.


lol yeah, thanks :slight_smile:

Harper doesn’t give two shits about anybody who doesn’t own a business or corporation. How about the fact his cabinet is corrupt (people getting busted for fraud, forging documents, LYING TO PARLIAMENT), or how he pretty much shit all over our rights during the G20?
How about the fact he’s taxed the shit out of virtually EVERYTHING the lower and middle class needs (home heating is taxed, what the fuck)?
Or how his ENTIRE campaign is based around attack ads.

If we were a third world country, he would absolutely be a dictator. FFS, he’s close enough already


Having so many elections in such a short time is a waste of money.


That’s the problem. For me IMHO we’re going to end up in a political quagmire of bullshit for at least 2-4 more years because of this. IMHO Ignatieff is sort of fucked right now. The Liberals had a horrible predecessor which still sort of haunts my dreams but ousted too soon because Ignatieff doesn’t look that fresh anymore, especially when he’s been leader so long. Layton looks fucking awesome because the more gains he gets, the longer he’s staying for now it seems. However to vote for the NDP as a gov’t is a wasted vote…to vote as an MP that will actually get stuff done for their riding…then it’ll work.

But the point I’m trying to make is that everyone wants a majority but no one wants to work together in a minority. It’s because of this shit that we have to go to a multi million dollar wasting election every couple of years just to see how stupid we like to be. And because it’s a minority along with stupid shit like proroguing parliament, we don’t see enough fuck ups on either side to vote one into a majority. I’m left leaning all the way but I hate this fucking situation of voting every couple of years to want a conservative majority if only to have them fuck up and just bring the majority back to the left side and so on and so on.

Like plutoburn said, these elections are costing money.



its because Harper legitimately does NOT have the support of the House of Commons, and the Canadian public is too disenfranchised to vote his ass out of parliament. His backbenchers and shit are literally getting busted doing illegal shit, and he’s keeping them scot-free and out of jail. For fucks sakes, during the middle of a horrible recession, and he prorogues parliament. Same shit when the coalition was gonna vote for no confidence. Bitch runs to the Governor-General.

I hate politics in Canada lately, due to the fact they never seriously offer anything for the youth vote, ever. Never see them take on the colleges and universities, college students still can’t do fuck all with their debts (you’re forbidden from declaring bancruptcy on student loans) regardless of how much its fucking with their lives. Never any tax help for them (yeah, remember during the recession when Harper’s only ‘help’ was a tax benefit for home renovation over $10,000 ???!?!?!? yeah that helped the common man).

And I hate him because of all the ass kissing he threw at Bush. Seriously, when bush got the boot, Harper should have gone too


Canada Election 2011?Polls?National?Election Almanac

Polls showing particually no change from 2008 election.


Hey guys I was just browsing through the internet got fucking mad to see that the progressive conservatives appear to be leading the pre-polls and typed into google “Canadians fucking stupid election 2011” and stumbled across this thread which I read and enjoyed quite a bit. Now that, my rant is over lets talk.

I agree 100% we need to get this fucking US style dictator out of power now. If canada will ever wake the fuck up.

NDP wants to lower tuition.

I don’t get why people are so scared to vote NDP they will never win because nobody believes they can win…liberals are shit pc’s are shit so why not at least roll the dice on the NDP it makes zero sense to me why people don’t fucking open their eyes and try. Instead people will vote liberal to spite the pc’s …and yah if they win that will be no better.

And to all you Progressive Conservative fans out there do your research before you plan on voting these pieces of shit back in…

Look into bill c-36 and bill c-61, and bill-c32 formally bill c-60. To name a few. These were brought on by PC’s. Many people don’t even realize the freedoms this dictatorship nazi government has taken away from us, right under our noses.

Example Bill 36:
"Health Canada inspectors and police no longer require a warrant to enter private property in Canada. Under this new law, police and Health Canada inspectors can remove anything from a home, and not have to report what was taken to the local court. "

Maybe you like Harpers 29 Billion dollar jets, or Harpers internet bill hes trying to shove through congress for the past 4 years (internet downloading fine upwards of 20k for 1 song), or Harpers recorded breaking spending spree within the government.(Most money spent by a canadian government of all time)… but i know I sure the fuck don’t.

Vote how you like but if you want conservatives, we might as well be a state of the US because that is where we are heading…

Edit reason its 29 Billion not million


I agree Harper didnt do much during the recession and he probably just rode this success because our banks didnt have much stake in the house and financial crisis in the U.S. Having said that, he didnt have to do much to boost our economy because it wasnt in such a turmoil as compared to the U.S. Did you know that renovation credit was too good of a success? So good that they are considering opening the option again. It singlehandly save the construction market. That mean we as canadian had money during the recession, which mean we were not badly affected by the recession.
What did you want Harper do to? Pump billions of dollars into market, so we would increase our country debt, other debt and tax per household would increase, and inflation rates would skyrocket? If u take a look around certain states in the U.S u can see how fucked they are as a country. Theior debt is enoromous, so big that if all americians paid 100% of their income as tax, it would not cover their national debt. They are a country waiting to collapse.

Look, Harper and the conservative arent that great, but looking around the other choices what do we got?


We had money because we have natural resources peroid. It wouldn’t have mattered if donald duck was in control of our government, we have natural resources so we have money period. Don’t try and say Harper did such a great job he didn’t do anything but take away our liberties, hammered us with taxes, sucked canada corporations dicks and tried to slide a few shitty bills pass congress.

Of course not, cut spending not blow 29 Billion on jets, and break records on spending in government… you didn’t catch that?

Aren’t great ? They are the worst thing that has ever been in canadian government…other choices well i stated the obvious one…NDP

“Health Canada inspectors and police no longer require a warrant to enter private property in Canada. Under this new law, police and Health Canada inspectors can remove anything from a home, and not have to report what was taken to the local court.” if this doesn’t bother you at all i dunno just vote pc, i guess.

With this new law you are guilty without being able to go to court.


Im not sure what you are trying to argue in the first paragraph. I didnt say he was great but as a country compare to other we are doing ok under his command. As to taxes, what exactly did he hammer us on? Regarding his relationship with corporations im assuming you mean the low tax rates they recieve? You know a corporation never pays taxes. The cost flows through to the consumers. Tax them all you want, but we are the ones going to pay more. Lower tax rate for corporation increases the attractive for business to set up in canada thus creating jobs, with jobs people can spend money, that goes into other businesses, a ripple effect.

Like i said in my first post, i wasnt too happy with the jet spending and G20 summit.

Those are some shady laws, but honestly the average canadians have nothing to fear if you arent conducting meth labs or grow ops. They arent going to bust in to your house was a SWAT team for no apparent reason.

Edit: NDP…


Actually the Green Party failed to get a single seat in the last election. They got a lot of votes, but they couldn’t capture a seat.

I hope there is a coalition this time around. This way the parties are actually forced to work together, even if it isn’t for a very long time. I doubt voter turn out will be at par with the last election, especially given the circumstances that brought this election.


My province is rich, I don’t care what happens.


No it’s because our lending laws are far better.


I’m glad to see some people are passionate about Canadian Politics. I voted PC in the last election and Im voting PC in this one to. In any government your going to have scandals and questionable bullshit. Nothing will ever work perfectly and make everyone happy. But nothing the Harper government has done is anywhere near as bad as the Jean Chretien/paul martin government. NDP and green party…bleh. They only have one perspective and seem to think it applies to all of Canada. It’s the perspective that we are all immigrants that live in a mega city. And if the green party had their way they would tax my boss so hard for not being enviromental, that he would just close his business and i would be out of work. I dont want a majority harper though. it would be to much power for him, or anyone.


Even though politics should be serious, this guy is hitting the nail right into the funny bone.

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