Canada mm/party room at Evo 2011

This is the chance to meet and greet your fellow Canadians at Evo. I booked a 1600 sqft suite at the Rio on July 31st 2011 for a night. I will be bringing top players to the room from all over the world to party and mm as well!

The entrance fee will be $10 but will include all you can drink (pop, other drinks) and pizza.

Volunteers + equipment donators can get in for free! Please email for a position.
Streamer/recording (vesperarcade?)
Bouncer/entry dude
Food and drink pickup dude
Recycle/waste dude
4-6 setups donators

You can also get in free if you got top 32 at mvc3 and ssf4ae. There are a few rules, if we see you causing trouble, got too wasted, or starting a fight you will be kicked out and lose your $10. There might be a volume cap depending on if the other rooms complain.

We’ll might be setting up an all Canadian tournament for mvc3 and ssf4 with free prizes. (More details as the event gets closer)


Had to change the all you can drink to BYOBs.

Hi lapchi. I’m probably bringing my setup with me, so you can use it. I’m a pretty big dude, and my first job at the club was a doorman so if you need that too I’ll help or if you need a bartender :slight_smile:

Thanks man! It’s gonna be a crazy night.

Sent an email for setup donation. This is is gonna make the trip so much more hype.

It’s gonna be a hell of a night.

Thanks! Any chance letting us know what type of setup and games?

So I think the biggest hurdle we’ll run into is displays.

I know it’s not going to be easy but we’ll need to sort out how we can get them up there. It’ll be a lot easier if AE is out for PC by Evo.

Il’l be there.

Lapchi xbox or ps3. I have all games for xbox but for ps3 I’m lacking mk for it

I can bring a 360 with Super SFIV (will have AE update, obviously), Mortal Kombat, Blazblue CS (updated to CSII), and MvC3. I also have Super Turbo HD Remix and MvC2 on the consoles hard drive.

kk thanks! Any of you guys bringing monitors?
I think thats what we’ll be most short on.

im bringing my monitor.

make room for the MTLSF train its about to break in the door ! :slight_smile:
See u in Vegas Mr. WestCoast Director and I hope You’re ready to meet the EastCoast one lol


Lapchi: I would like to meet with you.

Cranky: I’ll see you in MAT.

Now to go get me plane tickets.


Nigga plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

Is this going to be open to everyone or just canadians and global top players?

Why so jealous?

All you got nothing on me. lol

But i do <3 Crankypunk and got mad respect for Lapchi.

I want to finally meet the EC guys so Ill be there for sure.Plus running into the WC guys is always a interesting treat lol.

Cya folks there!