Canada Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Friend Codes

This game is crazy. Post 'em up here. If you add someone here, make sure you PM them to make sure that they add you too.


Varleran/St. Catharines/Ontario

I added you Varleran, here is my friend code:



Netcode’s been pretty hit/miss so far, it seems like closeby matches (me and Duck just played some) are fairly playable, but when I played a guy in Miami or even PA it was a total mess.

I thought our connection was top tier, considering I’m on wireless internet shared with 3 people. Better than most of my local IV matches even, but maybe I’m just not sensitive to TvC yet.

My FC is: 0474-9201-7019.

(lol @ friend codes.)

You still playing on that laggy HDTV? That’d be why you didn’t notice, online lag added to HD lag is going to be less noticeable than online lag added to lagless.

I’ve also seen reports of each player having a different experience with it. I dunno, more testing’s needed overall.


You can add me on if it’s easier to set up a match that way. =)

i’ll post up my friend code later but if you want to arrange games or come over and play (i have 2 sticks)

reach me at for msn

Kross//Markham (north of Toronto a bit), Ontario//1677-5124-7538

Still new at the game! =P

Edit: I played someone from New Brunswick earlier in the evening. He was on wifi and I on the rocketfish Lan adapter. The lag was pretty bad - couldn’t string combos properly nor could I react in time sometimes (well, I could react, just that the damn input would go through in time).

I think we should also talk about online experiences if you have any to share. So far, my online experiences with random people have been fairly negative. Though, there was (I think) ONE game when the lag was bearable.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the online gaming for SF4 puts TvC to shame.

Mine’s been really hit and miss. Sometimes it’s very playable, but only with players reasonably close (i’m playing Duck right now and it’s not bad, it was terrible at first though). Distance = lag, unfortunately.

Davero what’s your FC? Duck’s been hyping you up, I wanna play you. I added you to msn but you’re never on :confused:




i added everyone who put up their friend code in here, please do the same and add me to msn to arrange matches!

here’s my friend code:
4206 6557 0202 7993

I finally got my router sync with the Wii.
Add me and if im online, play me.


NeoRussel …

The tvc friend code is different from your Wii friend code, and is only 12 digits long.

oops. LOL



I added everyone here as well.

Add me on MSN:

Probably won’t be available until the weekend.

Edit: If you do add me to MSN, just let me know with “<username> from SRK” so I don’t think it’s totally random people adding me. lol

Hey Guys, there’s a thread for this in the TvC forum, you might want to add your info there as well.

RABBIT 3996-8024-9124 Oshawa, Ontario

Added everybody here.


Waterloo, ON

1264 2981 6158 5994

I’ve added everyone here as well. =)

Wrong TvC code… that’s the Wii code. lol