Canada Vs America


Ok, so i’ve been travelling around SE Asia and Australia for the last year and half, meeting people from all over the world. Not so much in asia, but in australia i always get this question.

“So, what part of america are you from?” to which i reply.

“oh, i’m canadian” Then every single time i get this.

“oh, you guys hate each other.”

So it just got me thinking. If your american…do you hate canadians? and if your canadian do you hate americans? And what’s your reason?

Personally i don’t. All the americans i’ve met in the last couple years have been cool. Alot better than the drunken classless brits, or the drunken meat head bushwhackers from australia. I actually feel sorry for them sometime, cause they are usually just minding their business, and then some kinda political discussion breaks out and everyone from around the world has their opinion on america…and usually they have no fucking idea what they are talking about. But it’s usually a whole table of people ganging up on the lone american.

Anyway, my take on our countries, i feel it’s more a like a sibling rivlary. We don’t really hate each other, but we there’s always a competition between the two.

I don’t know…thoughts?


Never understood why a lot of Americans treat Canada like a red headed step child. If you’re American you probably share more culturally with Canada than any other country on earth.


no, i don’t hate canadians. when i come across a canadian overseas we always get along great. similar accents, similar culture, etc. The canucks i’ve known here in Hong Kong have been really laid back and easy to get along with.

I can’t say the same about the brits and most other westerners.

I’ve had a similar thing with people asking me where i’m from, only it goes more like this.

“so are you canadian?”
“naw, i’m american.”
“oh i thought so, but canadians get upset when you assume they’re american so i wanted to play it safe”

it definitely gets tiresome hearing about ‘america this’ and ‘america that’ when you’re hanging out with people. i thought americans were obsessed with the USA, but oh man. bring up politics and you can’t talk about anything else with other expats. it’s like a bonding experience for them.

it doesn’t bother me too much. it actually gives me a little bit of a guilty pleasure knowing that America is so obviously an important country that everyone talks about it, good or bad. it just gets really old. i heard enough of that crap back in the states! can’t we talk about somewhere else?


I think most Americans’ have no feelings towards Canadians, almost like it doesn’t exist. I have been to Canada a few times, Vancouver, Toronto, & Montreal 2x.

I think Canadians have an inferiority complex towards U.S.A, I was listening to Public Radio out there and they were bashing the hell out of some topic, kept saying they don’t want to become the U.S., I was amused.

I think Canadians are weird though, some of them. I was watching TV in my hotel and every commercial I seen was some slapstick humor, that wasn’t funny. I found it weird, shit was not funny.


As different as Canada and the US are, the US probably has more in common with Canada than any other country. A Canadian can move to the States and nobody would guess they’re Canadian until someone brings up the question… and even then, nobody would care. Not even other English-speaking countries (Britain, Australia) have that connection, mostly because of (but definitely not limited to) accent. Other nationalities interacting with Americans will have more problems adapting to their culture… which is probably why Canadians manage to dodge anti-immigrant sentiment that other cultures deal with (such as the US’ other neighbor).

Anyway, I’ve worked with Canadians that I hated… there have been Canadians online that I don’t really think highly of… but I don’t hate them in general.


Almost no Americans hate Canada or Canadians. People make jokes about hating Canadians for exactly that reason. To the extent that Americans think about Canda, they think more or less positive things.

I’m not sure the opposite is necessarily true. But that comes mainly from hearing people bitch on the Internet, so I dunno.


Canada has good pot. I can’t hate them that much


The Canada vs America stuff only exists on the internet or during a comedy stint of some sort. Meet people IRL and they really couldn’t care less. In my experience anyway.


canada is still a commonwealth of britain (pussies)
canadians speak french (americans have a reason for speaking spanish, we’re right next to mexico/latin america, canada on the other hand is nowhere near france o_0…pussies)
canada’s population is only 34 million (ripe for invasion…even easier b/c they’re pussies)
canada’s age of consent is 16, up from 14 post-2008 (chris hansen does NOT approve)


The way I’ve always witnessed it, the hate is pretty one way. I’ve never met an American who truly hated Canada but I’ve met plenty of Canadians that hated America (mind you, 99% of them were French canadians so their opinions don’t actually count).


the reason americans don’t really hate canada is because quite frankly, we have no inferiority complex towards canadians, so we just don’t care.


I remember when I was younger, it was the thing to hate on the States, I suppose because everybody kinda hates the alpha dog. Now a days, I kinda just hate your government and some little things. Citizens of America and Canada are similar if not identical, not counting the dirty south.

As for our heritage thing, that always comes up. Hell, when I was a kid, ethnicity was a scarcity. There was like one muslim family that wore funny hats, one asian girl that ended up getting hit on by every dude in a 500 mile radius, and a token black family on our street. Now, I see it everywhere. I’d like to know how Quebec handles this shit, considering how much they hate the french. I remember going out to Montreal to live for awhile when I finished high school, and was amazed at the amount of asians living there. Best fucking thai food I’ve ever had, was in Montreal, how fucked is that?

The only tie we have with Britain is that we have the queen on our pennies, and we have a Governer General who signs shit in the queens name. Trust me, if the Brits ever tried to tell us to do something, they already know the answer.

I don’t speak french. Only french Canadians speak french. I speak like grade 9 french. And you’re NEXT to mexico and speak mexican. We got our french right smack in the middle.

34 million that your 307 million haven’t been able to take over ever? Not to mention the amount of hydro, lumber, and oil, we supply you with. Attacking us is literally like attacking US

Yup, 16 from 14. Trust me, nobody views it as 16 still…

and last but least, don’t forget [media=youtube]tRwiH18QwpU[/media]


Soviet: Montreal is by far the most ethnic town in all of Quebec and probably one of the more ethnic ones in Canada. That’s actually why the French people there are so goddamn adamant about keeping the French language as dominant; they are a small minority. It’s the only place in the province where you can get by without French (which is a Godsend btw). One of the reasons there are so many damn asians though is because of the schools. McGill has one of the best medical programs in north America and a damn good law one. Concordia has really good fine arts. So the stereotypical asians flock to them.


yeah, i’ve known about the ethnic thing. Still caught me off guard. I also shit you not, when I finished my 8 hour drive to Montreal, I get out of my car, and the first thing I see is a stereotypical frenchman smoking a cigarette. Also saw 5 lanes of road become 1 and a 1/2, due to horrible parking and drivers.

And yeah, I went to Concordia back then too, great school. Didn’t know McGill’s medical programs were that good. I know my local school (McMaster) is apparantly crazy big on nuclear shit (we have a reactor, and we also hide Einstein’s brain there), but absolutely HUGE on medical programs. Western, out in London, is big for asians too. Crazy huge business/science school, I went to visit friends there and was in yellow fever heaven. My viet friends Be and Dorothy lived on a floor that was like 3/4’s asian girls away from their parents for the first time. Good times


Last April, I was at Detroit airport on a layover heading to Tokyo and had a nice chat with a French Canadian. Personally, Canadians seem to be a ton more friendly than your random American. Most of the Americans in the terminal had nothing to say, but he was able to sit down and talk for like 15 minutes before our flight boarded.

I don’t get the hate for Canada. At all.



Maybe some do…i could see where you get that feeling from. But not wanting to become the US isn’t an inferiority complex. I don’t want to become the US, if wanted to live in the US i would live there. There is some stuff i think canadians could be more like americans though. Like i think we should be more proud of our country. Maybe not to the same extent americans are, but it annoys me the way some people act in canada. People give don cherry shit all the time about how patriotic he is, like it’s a bad thing. People are always asking where they are from…oh i’m italian, i’m portugese etc etc. No you fuck tard, your fucking canadian. My dads from england, you don’t see me going around telling people i’m english.

I feel alot closer to americans cause our culture is closer as someone said already. Like fuck, living in australia is shit sometimes…it would be nice if i could talk sports with someone. Talking about hockey would be awesome, but hell i’ll even talk about baseball if i ran into an american. All these goofs watch here is cricket and Aussie Rules football.

yeah rock…don’t worry we hate quebec too.


Well looks like the general consensus so far is ‘‘I don’t fuckin know, they seemed alright that one time I saw on in the woods’’ for both sides. Another productive thread. I used to go to canada over spring break because I could gamble and drink in Niagara a full three years before I could in the US. Seemed decent enough.


waterloo too. This is the flocking pattering of the chinese. born in HK. Parents send them to markham, they never learn english, they go to school in waterloo. then i don’t know what happens to them.


I dont care… I have relatives in Canada, so its kinda, meh. I cheer for ya’ll in National Hockey competitions and snookerin or snoodlin. Whateever that sweep the ice, shuffle board thing is.


They’re like family to me. I see them all the time too being so close to the border. And if this new bridge gets constructed in Detroit I’ll probably see them even more.