Canada woman stops for ducks; guilty in two deaths


She had such good intentions…


yar its pretty sad and a bullshit custodial sentence. Woman drivers cause this sort of thing every day, when is the law going to stop overcrowding prisons and instead just revoke some licences?


Why didn’t she park it on the sideway?


Did you miss the “woman driver” part?


She was probably patting herself on the back and taking selfies with the ducks before she got those people killed. Typical cracker behavior.




Pretty sure one of the major things they teach you is to never stop for animals if you are around traffic. Pity this lady didn’t let that one sink in.


Ducks have right of way where I live. You have to stop for ducks in the street and those mother fuckers know it.


Nature doesn’t need this woman babysitting.

If the mother duck is going to be neglectful her babies are going to suffer the consequences.

If we applied these same principles to people maybe our planet wouldn’t be so overpopulated.


Yeah once I realized she practically parked in the street, I can’t fault the jury for the verdict. Like that’s serious negligence from an adult who should know better. Still sucks though.


This planet isn’t overpopulated, it is just mismanaged. The whole purpose of our existence is to spread and even if the confines of the total surface of this world wasn’t enough we should have been able to solve that problem two decades ago instead of watching Golden Girl reruns…


Right guys. Let’s all ignore that Savaii has some 12 year old girl as his avatar. A real life Kromo is nothing to scoff at.


All of you smart-ass Americans saying “she shouldn’t have stopped” clearly have never seen the size of the ducks here in Canada. There’s a reason we have a giant duck on the front of our one-dollar coin.


FTFY again.



They were ducklings.

Yeah, that’s the part the gets me.

I could see if she just stopped right in front of them, but if she was just parked, they should have had enough time to slow down, or change lanes if another one was open.

Hell i’d jump off of the bike before i’d crash into a god damned car.




Yea was it night time or something, how do you hit a parked car on something as wide and open as highway?


That’s a LOON. I’m not even from there and I know that. That’s why it’s called a ‘looney.’ Contray to popular belife, it’s NOT a reference to The Queen on the flip side. :coffee:



Couldn’t have been too dark if you could see little ducklings while driving.

Even then, cars kind of have lights on the back of them.



She didn’t even stop on the right side. She fucking stopped in the left lane of a busy highway. The fuck was she thinking.