Canada's Summer Tournament


MAT is still in the air.

T9 is still in the air.

I’ve been asked to run a colossal tournament this summer.

I’m actually down.

I’ll run a t9/MAT equivalent tournament in Ottawa/Brockville if nobody else is hosting one in a neighbourhood city.

I’m currently in the process of looking for a venue (I have 4 in mind within the Ottawa area).

So I’d like to hear some input. What’s the actual status of t9? what’s the actual status of MAT? No heresay please. I don’t know who’s organizing what, but I will go to the effort of running something dope this summer if MAT and t9 don’t happen.

I’m planning to attend EVO the tentative MAT and the tentative t9. So if both of the other major canadian tournaments happen I will be hard pressed to do something as big. But i will if either MAT or t9 fails to happen.

Input anyone? what’s everyone say? Are people willing to travel should either t9 or MAT fail to occur? Obviously I don’t expect the entirety of either MTLs or Tdots community to travel, but a reasonable guess at numbers would be helpful.

Who’s in for Ottawa? I’m becoming increasingly busy, and I need to know by the end of the month on what kind of scale I will run my Ottawa tournament so that I can allocate time/energy/resources for the job.


Do it anyway. I’ll help (whatever is needed talk to me). Hopefully others will and we should be good. The last tourney went real well and it was a hella small venue.

No snow to stop me this time:tup:

Edit: As long as there’s ST

you guys could hold the event at my cyber cafe

Just go ahead and do it :tup:

It actually evaporated in the air.

there is no MAT i can confirm!!! so plan your vacation elsewhere guys!!!
no one will host mat beside me and i wont so its over!! lol

Woah, there’s no MAT yaoh.

i can host it if you guys dont mind a trek to brockville

We’re running our own event here in Winnipeg. Doubt very many of you guys are gonna wanna make the trek here but we’re gonna do what we can do make it good.

T9 is comming