Canadian/American Merger?

Obama Creates World?s First Superstate With US-Canada Merger |

Anybody else hear about this, or know more about it than I do???

I find this hard to believe that it went through without anyone knowing about this.

On a side note why would we attach ourselves to that sinking ship. OH CANADA.

If this means ships to Canada, we get Mountain dew voltage, and cheaper airfare, count me in.

Yes I am that shallow.

I love the conspiracy spin these nutjobs put on everything.

People in glass nations shouldn’t throw stones.

And they import that glass from here, too. :\

Here is the new there.

As I see it.

Part of a sign & trade. Sign Canada, trade Quebec to France.

We keep the ginger, though, right?

Also, how many Canadians who read that had the initial thought of:

“So does this mean I can’t fuck 14 year olds anymore?”

As I see it.

Seriously. If Quebec goes to france there’s going to be a sticky “LOOKING FOR APPARTMENT LIKE FUCKING NOW”.

Also the legal age was raised to 16 a year or two ago. Cockblocking sons of bitches.

You see?

You guys should have known something was up, when your legal age got upped to puritanical levels.

I’m not gonna lie, those were great days to be in high school, when the legal age of consent was 14.

True this.
Nobody makes gym teachers like the French Canadians either.

But I don’t wanna be an American :frowning:

It are ok broham I would front the forum namechange cash


That’s the source website listed. Looks reliable to me…

I, for one, welcome our new Canadamerican overlords.


If Canada wasn’t colder than the US, I’d rather live there than here. And you get to live in towns called Moose Knuckle.

Yeah it’s all true, you guys are fucked-- were turning all the tim hortons into mcdonald so dealwithit.

That would be an unspeakable crime…stay away from our Timbits and coffee.

But what about the WEED and Med’s?!