Canadian Arcade Locations


lol, you can’t even beat me let alone the john choi killa


Woodbine Mall still has a working 3S and CVS1 downstairs in the Wizard’s Castle.


just a suggestion, can the mods clean up this thread and just list the arcades and not the bitching?


Winnipeg should change the games we have at the University

We now have CvS1, KoF 2002 (Hacked), MvC2, MvC1, MvSF, and that’s all


One time I saw Jinrai standing near a pile of dumpsters, and I identified the smell of Jinrai first.


why can’t we insult mods? hahaha what alpha counter said wasn’t even an insult

it was either truth or false information


i like this thread!

it’d be nice if there was a thread like this for south korea, where i currently reside

and while i agree that it isn’t exactly helpful (maybe back in 2001)… it’s still better than nothing!


This thread would of been helpful when I was in Montreal 2 years ago and had to search through 50 SRK threads just to find an arcade.

And then I went there and it was 75 cents per game. I think it was MIRA?


It was 2000+,Mira was 50 cents its the only arcade left so they raise their prices -_-


Toronto, Ontario
Empire Empress Walk 10 Cinemas
5095 Yonge St
Last time I checked they had MvC 2

Toronto, Ontario
Pacific Mall Playscape
Steeles Ave East
They have some SF there and probably other fighting games.


It’s been a while, but last time a friend and I tried MvC2 the damage scaling was pretty high. Some issues with the buttons as well.


How would I get to gety from McCowan + Steeles through transit?


hahaha best unsult ever…im gonna steal this one for sure :rofl:.


UofM arcade walk through by me.

Explore Joe Blow


Does Pacific mall arcade have SF4 ?

that place would be krazy packed if it did . I fought some damn good third strike players there.


No. Only Lovegetty has dat 4.


Actually, it looks like pacific mall got sf4. My cousins who doesn’t play fighting games, said they saw them setting up today. No picture proof though, if I have time on the weekend I might check it out to confirm.


But April Fools was yesterday!


That was what I thought when they told me.


Playscape at pmall DOES have street fighter 4 now. They’re running american style sticks, but it’s alright regardless.

GGs to anybody I faced at p-mall today in SF4. I was the balrog player… 14 wins ALL DAI!!


Was at the Lester’s Arcade in Burnaby a week ago and the SF4 setup is still $1 per play. The one at Metropolis is a better setup (though crowded and always busy… but i guess that’s also a good thing), and cheaper (0.50 per play).