Canadian HRAP3 Template Help


So I live in Mississauga, Ontario with a HRAP3 Fighting Stick, I need to know where I can get my stick lami-labled. Also is there any places I can get them to cut the holes out too? Thanks


Fedex Office/Kinkos, Staples and The Printing House offers label paper and lamination services…unfortunately I’ve had no luck with Kinkos and Staples printing anything out on ledger size label paper where The Printing house does a good job. I’ve 2 Qanba graphics, TE-S and VLX(which had to be done on high quality vinyl). Label paper, print and lamination should be around $6.70 altogether.

As for the holes, I recommend you apply your graphic on with the parts off then just go along the outlines of each hole you need cut out with a modelers’ or exacto knife.


Im a bit nervous to print my first template so any tips?