Canadian Minister of Defense Says American Gov Working with 2 ET Species


I can’t quite believe this…
The Kabal (spelling?) part at 7:00mins is the only part that sounds legit, nothing to do with aliens.


I wasn’t interested until he started talking about 4 different species and different agendas.

Edit: Damn it he lost me @ Shadow government


In relation to the Toronto mayor…Just how much crack is consumed there?


Yeah Canada ain’t lookin too sane right now. :frowning:


An appointed politician from the 50’s who got all of his information from a letter from "a young man in Ottawa"
Well…if that doesn’t make you qualified, I don’t know what will.


Sounds legit.


True. The US needed some heat off it’s back for a while. Little did we know we’d find said heat amidst mayoral crack-pipes in Toronto.


It’s cocaine or a viral for Falling Skies lol