Canadian retailers selling arcade parts

I think when my EI comes in next week I’m gonna order the new HRAP EX (the EX2 is only half decent in 3d fighters and can’t handle 2d fighters I find). I want to replace the buttons on it is there any online stores in Canada selling replacement buttons, I would love to not pay duty on the the buttons

You can order from lizardlick in the states. Chad ships USPS so there is no duty or extra charges at all. I have ordered there a few times and can’t recommend him enough.

I remember reading on the canada customs page that we have a $20 CAD limit on non-gifted items, and $60 for gifts. I thought this applies to USPS too? Is it something to do with the NAFTA?

What a wonderful use of employment insurance.

I don’t know anything about that but I’ve made purchases well over $60 from the states and have never gotten charged customs. Hell if you want just tell the person your ordering from to make up a value less then $60 and mark it as gift.

The only time I got charged customs was when my 360 was shipped by UPS, had to pay $40 at my doorstep.

Yea, UPS is horrendous on the crossborder charges, I’ve payed up to 50% of the item value, just for their handling.

If you order from Lizard Lick you shouldn’t end up paying Duty. I am also from Canada and I ordered from them a few months ago and I did not pay duty. The only thing that sucks is the crappy exchange rate, but I think they’re your best option anyways. I don’t think you’ll find any Canadian arcade part dealers, at least not ones that deal in sanwa/semeitsu.

Lizard Lick. Just got my order the other day. Shipping was like $3 and it go to the west coast in about 12 days. No duty. Totally worth it. Definitely ordering again.

Yah just order from , I’m in Saskatchewan and order lots of shit from them and I get it quick.

Sidenote, big ups on the Aerosoul avatar!

Buy off Lizardlick.

This is the only retailer I know locally:
I’ve bought here about three times. Price is okay but selection is shit (3 colors of buttons (red/green/white) and 2 colors of stick (red/green); both Sanwa) and I was told many times that Sanwa parts aren’t high in demand as the place sells and refurbishes pinball and jukebox machines mostly.

I’ve been paying into it for 10 years while I worked full time, so what :confused:

thanks alot for the help fellow Canadians, I will just order from lizardlick