Canadians LOOK HERE Pt III (Mad Catz Group buy)

Ok, last group buy for me. After shipping off 15 sticks it’s alot of work when you ain’t making any money. Plus theres snow outside and I might be getting a new job soon, so I gotta savour my time off.

The promotion is buy 1 get 1 free. Must be for the same system. So buddy up with someone from your town.

So I figure, 150, + 10.50 dollars shipping for ground + another 30 for tax + shipping from canada (Tax is just a safety net. If I don’t get charged i’ll refund, I got a venture one card now so It’s expeditated shipping for ~ 20 for 1 stick so I figure the 30 should cover it (hopefully))

so 160 USD + 30 CAD = 195 CAD.

Paypal is

Also, when you send money please send by gift so there is no paypal fee. (if you trust me enough). Make sure you include your address and what you are purchasing.

I hope i’m clear enough. Just did 2 plate squats. head spinning.


CHECK YOUR PM BOX!!! :smiley:

who wants to go in with me on a xbox360 round 2 TE? I’m in Calgary

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tyhank you shoryuken1!!!

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wow how smashed was i last night?

If I ever get the money in time, I’ll join this group buy (waiting for a company to refund an order).

This post is gold.

i really hope noone sigs that.

what can i say those lines are gold.

Check yo inbox, Maj. Thanks again!

fist bump.

Do you have any idea on the deadline for this last group buy Maj? I was going to put off ordering a stick but this is looking like my last chance so im figuring out a way to make this happen.

should have mentioned I’m making the order when I come back from work tomorrow night.

Wow, Majin. You got siged by meus over jdm714!

damn fightstick smugglers! I’m reporting you to the mounties… =P

I was that drunk.

Oh no need to do that buddy. eh?

haha. its cool you do that for the canadian players bro. saves on a lot of cash for sure. I couldnt believe how much it is to ship packages to canada.

that isn’t the problem. They wont ship to canada period.

may have to offer refunds, for some reason they are not accepting paypal anymore!

Order placed!