Cancel into ultra

im sorry if this has already been posted but ive been in the trial mode for hours now. Im stuck in trial mode 2 on hard. I cant seem to get her cancel into ultra fast enough. can someone please give me any tips on how to perform this.
thats where u want to post, read and search b4 making a new thread. their is a console trial sticky right above this you cant be that illiterate.

yea I saw that. It was just due to frustration of hours trying to get it down. When you look through that thread there is 27 pages to look at. Sorry if I was just looking for a quick answer. Nearly threw my te stick out the window.

Use this guide for your trials, it has helped me out a bunch.

It also has some interesting training methods.

its not so much looking through 27 pages as it is knowing where to ask your questions thats why that sticky was make to ask questions about trials,stuff like this does not deserve its own thread, their is also a Q and A thread.

You just ask the question in the Q and A thread and it gets answered right there. That’s the whole point of that topic. Desperate “I need an answer now!” questions can be asked in that thread regardless of how many times they’ve been answered already since that’s what the thread is for. I understand your frustration but it turns into problems for us as well when you don’t think once you get on the forums.** No one else post in this thread or I will have it closed.**

Just so you know that combo is completely useless for Viper in actual gameplay so you’re really frustrating over not being able to get titles and icons for a character you won’t even use much. :lol:

thanks for the info guys. and yeah i know its pointless but im just now converting from the pad to the stick and im really just doing the trials to get a good feel for the stick and ive always wanted to use viper as well. anyway thanks guys. Sorry again for the post.

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whats wrong with posting? and making new threads? you guys sounds like anal tards crying about new threads. whats the big deal seriously?

Space management, if we didn’t have all these damn etarded thread then all the good info would be on the first 2 pages.

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