Cancel out of roll on block or hit new strat?

I have hit people and accedentally rolled after and it was pretty effective. cr Fp,cr mp.

you can stun them and just end up on the other side of them.

something else you can just dash as soon as they jump they won’t be able to do anything until they reach the arc of thier jump.(except if they have jump cancelable arcing attacks/supers).

I think we posted stuff like this on older forums. :3

c.MP is one of Sean best hit confirms. Usually if it hits, u can wait for the animation to end and link into SA1 or SA3. I think it leaves u at advantage on hit OR block. s.MP is good for ppl who are getting up or are just close. It works just like Ken’s or Ryu’s. On wakeup it stuffs a good amount of moves. U have a few options after this.

  1. U can lp roll, tick throw or apply more pressure.
  2. finish with the other part of the one-two, xx s.HK, his only combo
  3. U can lp fake tackle, tick throw or apply more pressure.
  4. Mp roll and get behind the opponent. Mixup opportunity there.

lp rolls and tackles are his only really useful ones. The other ones should be used sparingly, or not at all. lp tackling or rolling is better than dashing bcuz of better recovery. It puts u in a better advantageous state.

Well, that and you can’t cancel a move into a dash, but can with a LP tackle or roll.

Also, if you want to combo off of a close punch, you might as well just combo into his DP rather than use his target combo. Seriously, his close s.MP > s.HK target combo is obsolete when you can just close s.MP xx DP and maybe xx super (unless you’re using SA3). Don’t use it.

But yeah, he’s right about canceling blocked moves into rolls or tackles. It keep you on their asses and the pressure going with the threat of tick throw or getting hit and combo’d into super.

Ur right, person-man, u cant cancel to dashes. Known that, but didnt state it. lol.