Cancel Shoryu into Shinku Hadoken (Scrub Here)




I am brand new to fighting games and am having a blast so far learning everything! I’m playing sf5 and have no problems with Ryu’s trials until I have to Super after a shoryuken. I’m assuming my timing just isn’t there yet because their have been multiple instances where the inputs were right. Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated!

(for fun: what was the most difficult thing to learn when you started playing fighting games?)


Here’s a thread where people worked out their way of canceling DP into CA. It should help bro. Just work on the timing and keep inputs clean. Good luck




mash REALLY hard…it will work


hahaha thanks, ALWAYS MASH

Turns out i’m an idiot and the QCF for shoryu is the first half of my super, just like how hadoken can be buffered in