*CANCELED* [2/20/10] 3S SIREN RECORDS RANBAT 1.2 - Doylestown PA-


Presented by SIREN RECORDS and CYBORG-1

Previously… http://www.youtube.com/user/Frantastic23#p/a/u/0/n4g18kQl_sg




It’s that time again. Part II of the Ranking Battle (Ranbat) Season in Doylestown! All of the East Coast/Tri-State area is invited, so lets boogie! Couldnt make it to the Sun Route Cup? This is a nice alternative to still show some love for 3S. The event will be held at SIREN RECORDS, one of the best record stores on the East Coast, located just outside of Philadelphia. This tournament is going to be sponsored by CYBORG-1 (Best Comic Shoppe).

Just one game to be played: Street Fighter III Third Strike. It will be held on a 100% authentic Japanese Head to Head Sega Versus City Arcade Cabinet! All the sticks and buttons (all SANWA) are in excellent condition and we even got some hella comfy stools to sit on. All you have to do is bring yourself, some cash, and your skills. Lugging around joysticks is for suckers.

Like in the previous tournaments Ive run it’ll have some additional prizes outside of the pot earnings for all the top players, player. The more people that sign up and show up, the more prizes. Lets do it huh?!

SIREN RECORDS: http://www.sirenrecords.com

CYBORG-1: http://www.cyborg1.com


  1. Therapist - 8 points
  2. Green Tea - 7 points
  3. Greek - 6 points
  4. Mutant XP - 5 points
  5. Flare - 3 points
  6. Vizard - 3 points
  7. Frantastic - 1 point
  8. Mr. Quotes - 1 point


Saturday February 20th 2010 AD

3pm open/registration starts, 4pm Third Strike Singles starts, Third Strike 3v3 Teams starts right after singles.


Siren Records
25 E. State Street
1st Floor
Doylestown PA, 18901

Directions can be found on: http://www.sirenrecords.com

PRO TIP Philly: Septa RR drops you off in Doylestown not too far from where Siren is, it’s about 3 blocks from the station. Just ride the R5 all the way into town.

PRO TIP NYC: There’s a bus route from New York City to Doylestown about a little over a 3 hour ride but it’s super cheap and easy.


The bus should drop you off like 3-4 blocks from Siren but its a really short walk. You can give me and/or Siren Records a call if you need help getting to Siren from the bus stop but it’s really simple, just walk up the street past the train station, then look for Oakland Avenue, go down that until you reach Main street, go up main street towards the Starbucks to State street, then head down State Street towards the County Theater. Siren is right across the street from the County Theater.

Bus should be pretty cheap if you get the weekend early bird special.


There should be a bus from Chinatown to Market East in Philly. From there you can take the Septa Regional Rail R5 train to Doylestown. Or just take the train the whole way from NYC to Philly to Doylestown.


Street Fighter III Third Strike Double Elimination Singles
Street Fighter III Third Strike Single Elimination 3v3 Teams

This will all be held on the Head to Head Sega Versus City Cabinet so no controllers of any sort will be required to bring.

Brackets will be run by myself (Diaper Bomb) on Tonamento

PROOF: PIC 1 / PIC 2 / PIC 3


$10 venue fee
$5 entry fee for Singles
$2 entry fee per member for 3v3 Teams

Payout will be 70/20/10% for Singles, Teams will be Winner Takes All.


Game will be set on Event Mode and Free Play, so no need to feed the machine between rounds.

Singles will be Double Elimination 2 out of 3, Winners and Losers Finals are 3/5, Grand Final is 3/5 set format.

3v3 Teams will be Single Elimination the whole way through.

If you are over 10 minutes late to your match you’re most likely going to be DQed, so please be timely so we can run a quick and smooth event for everyone.

Points Awarded:

1st: 8 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 6 points
4th: 5 points
5th: 3 points
7th: 1 point


If you plan on pre-registering and you are coming to this for sure please list your name(s), what tournament(s) you’ll be entering, and where you’re from so I can work out the seeding properly. I need at least 8 players for the Singles tournament to run it.


  1. Brian “Diaper Bomb” , Doylestown PA
  2. Flare , IRA Headquarters
  3. Rapen von Rapenwulfenstien the III “Therapist” , Castlevania
  4. Vizard, Jazzy NYC
  5. GREEK, Jazzy NYC
  6. 1der, Lancaster PA
  7. Philis, Lancaster PA
  8. Mr. Quotes, NJ
  9. Frantastic, NJ
  10. Fire Chocobo, PA
  11. [media=youtube]ZNOHSO46wqQ&feature=related"[/media], Dimension X
  12. Duke, Jazzy NYC
  13. Kattermari, Philly


I’m there!

me too!

I think I am going to a Lewis Black performance in Hershey that day. Sorry guys.

That’s random as hell. lol

See you NYC guys there.

MWelsh you better show up this time with friendos!

FC you down?

Time to spam the forums… i mean PROMOTE! (or whip out my johnson and piss in this hellhole (srk))

Neeeeed morreee poooinntttzzzzz

nooooo ill be away at sunroute cup!!!

oh well ill be seeing you guys most likely at winter brawl anyways

ill roll through again

exo wanna b on my team?

eh i already promised to show at a arcade tourny this day :frowning: otherwise id be down catch all of u at gvn

Sure, put me down as a tentative yes. My sis’s B-day is the 22nd so I might have to miss that Saturday.

Also what’s with this points break down? It’s so ummm…STUPID. Yea, that’s the word. :arazz:
All kidding aside, shouldn’t there be a bigger reward for clutching out 1st over 2nd, or 2nd over 3rd? One point of separation between the top four placings seems a lil whack. Just my opinion though.

Do we care about the points? Do we get anything? haha

What do you get?! You get points, Kevin.[media=youtube]O5tbnWOsxq0#t=0m33s"[/media]

What, you don’t like points?


You get stuff guys. 1st place gets a big mac wrap.

Can we beat [media=youtube]yKU4_oRH6CA"[/media]

D Ima come n rape these ungreatful bums n steal ythere points lol if my boy goes

u shuld do single elim instead of teams cuz no one singing up for teams.

Can The Rapist be stopped???

Tune in to the next RanBat episode!


This is what’s gonna happen at the next ranbat


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btw daiper i might need to crash at your place after the tournament.