{CANCELED} SGAL Presents March Break Mayhem!

Tournament is Canceled Due to personal stuff. I am sorry this could not of run like I wanted it to. Hope to see you all at the Midnight Release Party at least for Street Fighter X Tekken hosted by YRSF.

can i get this stickied plz?

Try messaging a mod with the link to the thread.


Playstation3 Systems with the game will be set up for this tournament for Casual Play just to experience the PS3 Character Specifics. Mega Man/Pac Man/Kuro & Toro/ Cole!

no mahvel??? but… but…

No marvel? Peace out!


3 is in.

If there is a chance that I can have people assist with Systems, Monitors, and games, so we can have this tournament run more smoothly and quickly that would be grand. Those who do bring in Stations/Monitors/Games will NOT have to pay for Venue Fee. We will however be putting a cap on this. Just so everyone doesn’t get in for free kinda deal. Thank you in advance to all those that will be assisting.

YRSF will be happy to assist by lending 3 Evo Monitors.

is there still a 3v3 tourney for ae/mvc? and is mvc on ps3 or xbox? thanks.

Thank you YRSF!

~ Noble ~ UMvC3 is going to be on Xbox. No team battles. Just 1vs 1.

I’ll be able to make it. will also loan an xbox if needed

Ill come out. Im booking time off. Jaden, i think DEFAULT gem set up is best. Just be sure to tell everyone ahead of time. Oherwise, all systems will have to have all gems packs, and this will get expensive. It is rumored that sf x t will have the option to preload controll settings and gems via usb stick, but i still say default gems are the way to go.

As a side note: there will be casuals running at Legacy Arcade following, yet unrelated to, this tournament. Feel free to head over for casuals/money matches et cetera. Info on Legacy can be found here: Legacy Arcade Barrie, Casuals every saturday.

please note Legacy IS someones house and not a standard venue, and the casuals following this event ARE a separate thing entirely.

On that note, however, I hope to see some of you there.