Canceling into ultra 1



I’ve seen people combo from crouching mk into ultra 1, can someone please tell me the input


learn the difference between a link and a cancel. (this is a link)

also the input is,, ultra.


also post things like this in the Q&A thread.


you just need to want it more.
once you want it enough it will will itslef into existence.


What are u guys the forum police? If i could get as much information as i do smart ass comments i might learn something


they already told u how to “LINK” into ultra…lol plus its also one of Blanka’s Trials…


Whats that !!!


charge back, cr.MK, forward, back, forward + 3 PPP

The motions are not hard at all, it’s the timing that is difficult because it’s a 1-frame link.


I completely and utterly answered your question.

Fox and I suggested things to you that were for the benefit of you(Satsui is just a douche), but hey I guess we are doing our best to impede your learning.

But since you are a whiny baby. Read this Glossary - Shoryuken Wiki to learn what a cancel/link is.

And use the Q&A thread to keep relevant threads on the first page.