Canceling the fourth hit of hyakurenko ( hands )



How do you time that shit ? been going on instinct and it’s actually been working but I’d like to be able to do it consistently.

Also, anyone’s got a better piano method for hands rather than mp - lp - hp -lp - hp ? I have a tendency of getting light hands instead when doing it too fast.

Thanks in beforehand !


why would you do a sMP into hands?
besides cancelling the fourth hit is by ‘sound’ for me not by sight, once I hear the sound of the fourth hit I fadc I use fadc shortcut to maximise the dash cancel…
instead of sMP into hands go for sMP sMK hands, wayyyy more easier to land


Ment crouching mp into hands :), also I can’t do mk hands for the death of me ( I have good execution overall it’s just that one thing that I’m incapable of doing, not sure if it’s my fingers or my buttons … ) what’s your piano method for doing mk hands ? I usually press mk+lp, hp, mp, lp, hp but alas no consistent results :V


I play pad though, using default config I go mk+hp plink then mp lp mp hp, although sometime ex comes out lol. SMP sMK hands is easiest. CrMP to hands is usually mp lp lp mp hp or mp hp lp mp hp. Cheers


Appreciate it !