Canceling tips?


Every time I try to cancel a move, for example, with Fei Long in HDR s.fp xx rekka punch I can’t seem to get it to work. I always seem to think im moving fast enough, but it never works. Are there any tips to help me cancel moves?


Rekkakans don’t come out if you rush them, but what do I know I barely play HD Remix heh.


It confuses me how i can push attack buttons while i put in inputs, for example, with Ryu in HDR you can push forward, down, light kick, downforward, punch to do light kick xx shoryuken. Can anyone explain this to me or link to a page that does?


Rekkas have their own cancel mechanic, as a consequence, they’re harder to use. (HDR Supers also have different cancel rules than the other specials…) You have to cancel after the hit freeze.


I know that rekkas have their own cancel mechanic, but i can’t do the basic one from a standing fierce punch. Like if I wanted to cancel a couching medium kick into a hadoken with ryu, I just cant do it.


It’s definitely something you have to do faster(than you think) if I recall but, I could be wrong.

I always end up with a super when I try to cancel into rekka.