CANCELLED* 707 Vallejo! Friday Nights @ Rudy's Garage


When: 6 till whenever
What: Sf4, HDR, and Melee. If you wanna play anything else just bring a setup for it.

If you’re interested and wanna come through, then just pm me and I’ll give you the address :tup: I’m really trying to get the 707 to level up as a whole and myself as well. Even if you’re not from the 707 but are willing to travel then feel free to hit me up :rock:

I have two tvs on one table. So if you guys want a third setup then I need another table + tv.

I really appreciate if people can bring setups as I do not own sticks or consoles.

Oh yeah and surge protectors and extension cords… and chairs…


Good shit mos def.

I just remembered I have 3s for xbox.


i’m in. I’m not comfortable driving my TV all the way out there but i can bring a 360 and a stick. pm me the address.


see you tuesday!


Damn, I’ve got class from 6-9 on Tuesdays, but this semester will be over around mid-May so maybe I’ll hop on it then.

You know I’m down for HDR. I saw you reppin’ that ST Dictator tonight with the endless throws.


:rofl: I’ll throw for days and then some. But yeah Nate, definitely hit me up when you can.


I’ll be down for this probably bi-weekly (the Tuesdays Ramin isn’t hosting)


yeah I suggest u go bi-weekly on the tuesdays that Ramin isn’t hosting. It would probably be better so they wont conflict and you probably get a way better turnout. Just a suggestion

See u on tuesday.


im down aww man i actually get to play sf4 its been so long…

Whats the super button again??? jk


to ilikemacaroni707, me and you need to decide which tuesdays we can have our gatherings. because i dont want my gatherings to collide with your gatherings since i have a quite a few people come down from 707 to play. so let me know and lets work out a schedule since mine are bi-weekly. also i would like to come to this if you are having it next tuesday.

also TAUNT what happened to you last tuesday??


Rudy! Good stuff on hosting a venue. I’ll come visit one of these days when I’m not working. I don’t mind bringing an xbox either.


If its cool with you, I was thinking of just cycling. For example, I host next tuesday after Fuddrockers? Then I guess we could start the cycle off of that. I do the 28th, you got the 5th, i got the 12th, etc. If you have any alternative/better ideas then let me know :tup:

Yee just hit me up. I think I pm’d you my # so just text me. Haven’t played HDR outside of tournaments ever :sad:

haha gotta let the guy running the tournament play some time :bgrin:


u gonna have enough set ups? This sounds like it’s gonna be crackin…


I can cop a 27in tv for $20 to keep in your garage for Tuesdays, Rudy, but it doesn’t have hd output. Should I even bother? I mean a setup’s a setup and it’s guaranteed to be there, knowing that some folks might not want to haul a tv over every session.

Input from everyone, please.


no hd = no lag so thats all good.


I’m confident that there’s gonna be enough.

Eh, we don’t really need HD. I say bring it anyway tho since that means we’ll have two tv’s guaranteed.


fuuuk a 707 sf plug. thats what i wanted to hear. if this is still goin on during the summer time, i’ll for sure stop by and bring a set up.


wow! a vallejo thread. maybe now ill have a reason to go back to vallejo.


alright for sure. ill be coming through maybe on tuesday. so see you then.


This is beef right? Do you still play HD remix? Lemme know because I’m in Vallejo some Tuesdays any ways.