Cancelled - ecc12

We’re bringing it back…

For those who weren’t around for it, ECC was one of the first major tournament series on the east coast, held at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ. Most of the east coast legends from the Alpha/SF3/MvC1&2 era got their start at ECC. ECC was also one of the first east coast tournament series to start attracting players from the west coast, cementing ECC as one of the primary major tournaments in the nation.

Time has gone by and the scene has changed, but our love for the game is still there. Unfortunately, many of the logistical issues we had back in the day are still around. We’ll provide more info on what we plan on doing to alleviate some of these headaches as we get closer to the actual tournament. Also, the tournament has definitely outgrown The Break. We are in the middle of securing our new venue. Once we have solid venue info, we will post. The same goes for game lineup, although I don’t think you should rule out AE, UMvC3, or ST. :smiley:

Big E, JetPhi, and several other directors/players from the old school are on board, so don’t think for a moment that this is some fly-by-night dream from washed up scrubs.

That’s all for now. We wanted to get the word out to the players and other organizers so that they can start to get their schedules in play for next year. Please PM if you have any questions or if you are interested in helping out. We’re still early on, and it may be a little bit before we get back to you, but falling asleep at the wheel is something that is not going happen.


Todd, Phi, Eric, and the rest of the ECC Tournament Staff

ECC was my first BIG tournament back in uhm, was it 98? 99? God I’m old. Count me in even if I’m not playing anymore!

Nice! Do you think its going to be in New Jersey?

The only ECC I made it to was #1, but I’ll there for this one Todd. Even if it’s just to lose in the first round! :slight_smile:

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