Cancelled: May 10th Title Fight!

You know what it is. Its your boy climbing in the cage again to put people in there place. Now they are gonna give me a belt for it.

When: May 10th @ 7
Where: Portland, Or at the Roseland Theater
What: Rumble at the Roseland 35
Who: Jetay Barber vs Jarrod Matthews for the Vacant SuperHwt Title

I wasnt gonna announce this until i knew this was gonna happen and sense i know who i am fighting and I HAVE ALREADY BEAT HIM BEFORE, i am damn sure this fight is gonna happen. I beat this guy with a Sagat Tiger Knee K.O. in under 1:30 last time and thats when i took the fight in less then 3 hrs notice, Didnt warm up " had nobody there to warm me up… " and didnt even have my hands taped up. If you wanna see the other guy just go to my page and look.

Now the only thing i have trouble with is my Intro Music, i am taking suggestions
Here is what i have so far:

Lil Wayne: Sky is the Limit
Ken Stage
Ryu Stage
Guile Stage
50 Cent: Hands up

Get At Me!

Good luck, but it seems like you won’t be needing it.

Intro suggestions:

Jay Z - 99 Problems

Japanese dude Kenta b coming out to 99 problems shit is hella hard

Good luck.

[media=youtube]5DmYLrxR0Y8"[/media] - War, Homer Simpson vs. Drederick Tatum superfight style.

Fuck man, I wanna go. How much does it cost to see the fight?

use the Million Dollar Man theme as your intro.

and beat some ass


Haha! Right.

Have you thought about going for the Rick-roll?

Aphex Twin: Window Licker

“I’m not gonna write you a love song.” Sheryl Crow…I think thas who sings it.


I’d sticky this but my sticky button is broken in this skin. I’ll sticky this when Wiz fixes that next week.

I may go. Kick some ass!

Ken stage – get the electric guitar version!


whoop sum ass!!!

intro suggestions

Method Man: Bring the Pain.

Anyone else from Seattle interested going and want a ride? I’m thinking about heading down. :tup:

you should buy your ticket ASAP before it get sold out.

I am interested.

My nigga! I would come but my cousin is gettin married that day. Give the dude a leg drop for me.

LOL @ ‘Why can’t we be friends’!

ha ha ^

would you ever play a version of video game music as your intro music. ppl would be all over that