CANCELLED: Pre- EVO WEST Tilt Tournament July 22nd

Tourney Is Canceled

i hope WOOMIGHTY comes

me too

i hope Ricky shows up better then ever.




Someone has to Suck on that CLIT:amazed:

Ricky is my hero. I just admire that guys sooooo much oh.

i guess there really is someone gayer than ricky…

(not that being gay is bad! =])

what i like to do is like, i put her knees all the way behind her head, then i put on some scuba gear and just go PAWOJDIUAWPDOJIOAWDJADW all over the pussy hole and start punching the stomache in, spitting all over the place and spray painting the walls and shit. thats called the destroyer, patent pending.

Hey you can call me gay but do not say that about Ricky. Ricky is the best. oh god yes.

definitley try to make this one.

^---- Ram there’s your chance get him back in Marvel

to everyone that doesnt know! im Ricky’s number 1 fan, i love you Ricky.

:wtf: :lol: dang my schedule is A bit hecktic at the moment :lol: it’s summer and I’m still busy.
I’ll think about stoping by maybe but I probably won’t be able to make it. :sad:

jee golly! i can’t wait to go…i hope i don’t have to work…THE DEVIOUS D-PAD PLAYER SHAL BE THERE, MUAHAHAHA! heh…well, i try!

if I go i challenge tinh first to 10 spotted 5 games for any amount

If I go i challenge randy first to 5 spotted 2 games for any amount

If I go I challenge Larry S. 2 of 3, i start sentinel all matches. for fun, whatever

tourney is canceled

OH OH what happened this time?..

I would never take ‘any spotted’ games and no offense…not worth playing you…i’d rather beat chunksta