CANCELLED SoCal Orange County, Saturday Showdown

Saturday Showdowa
Saturday 10/17/15
and every Saturday after that
There will be weekly Tournaments for

Ultra Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Not Weekly)

Location: 24155 Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Right off the 5 Freeway coming off “El Toro”, in the same plaza as the In-N-Out

Run Time: Every Saturday
MvC2 begins at 2PM (Not Weekly)
KOF begins at 4PM
MvC3 begins at 6PM
USF4 begins at 8PM

Casuals are welcome before, and after tournaments
As early as when the store opens, until closing

Entree Fee: 10$ per tournament

Facebook Group:

Facebook Event Page


Twitter Follow me on twitter @EddieGriffin90 for updates and to get notified when the stream goes up.

**Oomba operates on Xbox360s and BenQ monitors.
We’ll also have we’ll have a couple PS4’s brought in by players.
If for whatever reason you’d like to bring a different console of your own, you’re welcome to do so.
This is a BYOC event, the players are friendly and will likely lend you their stick if need be. **

Venue Showcase

Tournament Rules
Double Elimination
2/3 sets
3/5 for LF, WF & GF

(MvC2 will have different parameters
3/5 sets
4/7 for LF, WF & GF)

Venue Rules

This is a clean, organized venue
Hype is welcome, even shouting vulgar obscenities is ok but use you’re own discretion.
It’s a public business so be mindful of children whom may be in the room.

Food, drinks and other snacks are readily available for purchase within the store.
Be clean; let’s act like adults and clean up after ourselves.

Please stay within the venue if you’re in the tournament.
Don’t wander off and not be present when you’re name is called
I won’t DQ but You’ll hold up the tournament and you’ll piss me off and that’s bad.

Obviously, no alcohol or illegal substances allowed within the vicinity.
Trash talking is allowed but keep it fun.

Casual matches are allowed during before and after the tournament.
If set ups aren’t being used - go for it
If we wrap up and we still have time to play more - go for it
You may come to the store when it opens (10AM), pay your 10$ tournament entree fee and play all day.

And this above all, have a good time people.
The whole point in throwing these tournaments is to give people a place to practice, get better and enjoy themselves.
I’ve been playing alot less since evo and so I spend my fighting game energy hosting and organizing these gatherings for you guys.
I do this for you guys, I do this for the Socal Scene, I do this for the hype, so come down and let’s make this the next hot spot for Socal players.



Within the Mall we have a Subway, a Pizza shop and a Wretzel Pretzel
There’s an In-N-Out in the same shopping center.
Slaters 50/50 is down the street
And within a couple blocks we got
Dennys, Carrows, Carl’s Jr, Jack in the Box, Chick Fillet, Firehouse Subs, Arbys and a whole lot more.

Any questions you may…
eave a comment on this thread/
join the facebook group and post/
reach me via facebook “Eddie Cobian” or call the store
(949) 396-2060

Hope you make it out here