This post is officially offline …look to emperorshands latest post for the new events at kings games




Any chance you can move this to the 8th (Saturday)? Since Castle Fight Night was already announced for the same day.


Thanks for the last tourney. I’ll be signing my son up for the brawl tourney. I’ll hold out on the SF4 tourney till I get better. I got DESTROYED in the SF4 tourney. LOL.


you didnt get destroyed you got better and tournaments are how everyone gets better fast (lol so we can pick on online randoms at home!!!:rofl:)

lol hope to see you there


i would love to but i already told to many people it was in 2weeks. lol i just hope that the people who came stay loyal to us because thats all we can hope for :sweat:…:lol:…thanks again all of you and hope to see you at an event we hope will be even better than the last!!!


Unfortunately I’ll be at CFN in Bayshore on this day.


I got there to late to sign up yesterday -____-

Lets not repeat that mistake this time


Haha I got there late too. It sucked :-/


I was just recently informed about this event and will contact Johhny Cage about this to work something out.


I guess that doesn’t include Sanford and Li Joe. And a lot of promises were made but weren’t delivered. Not that I care it was still a dope tournament, I’m tryna bring some friends that I know used to play Brawl.


hey if the community feels like there were some things that couldve been done better just post it and we will fix it…thanks for the compliments everyone this event will be upstairs and downstairs so that we can take advantage of the 200 man space promised :slight_smile:


also we will start rotating out different contestants but we cant ban the empire arcadia (it was a compromise just to limit their competing players…sorry guys…we will try to work out events that at least once every 3 events will include them only as host and not players :slight_smile:


If you’re afraid to play anybody, you probably shouldn’t show.

EDIT- And you’re still doing that “UP TO $2000” bullshit? Didn’t your last tournament draw 40 players… for a $400 pot…

Stop that shit.


yeah that happened to me too. Hopefully not next time… Then again don’t know if I can keep making that trip from baltimore every couple weeks.


Ugh, holding tournaments on a Sunday is :.

Also, I don’t see how the fact that some of the nation’s best players not being in attendance is something you should be touting about like it’s a good thing.


lol remember its not me…i host events and play cards…i play anyone anywhere anytime but many people complained that sanford showed so imagine sanford arturo and justin…trust me im talking with justin right now to coordinate events that will please everyone from the most known to the up and coming so trust that it hurts us seeing that restrictions are being put on the entry of empire members by empire arcadia itself!!!**


yeah, don’t add that 200 stuff to the title. edit and remove it please. ANYWAY, I wouldn’t mind sanford or sabin showing up. it’s whatever to me. I know there are bigger fish out there that could take me out. im going for the experience and to try to beat out as many other fish as I can before i get knocked out.


whats wrong with the 200 stuff? lol people have to know the maximum capacity of the store…it was only crowded the first event because we did not have the man power to move those huge tvs upstairs but we took care of that:party:

just pm me to let me know your ideas guys …thanks


I’ve been going to tournaments for years. That’s never been a concern of mine. Ever.