things came up


I have a TE. What system do you have?


I have xbox360, Wii, Ps3, PC (emulators) check out this post i posted more information


What days you hosting??? I’m in Gardena a few days a week and I’m down to play SF4 always. I have a TE and SE for 360.


sf4 im down


I’m from South Gate, and I live just a few blocks from your location.


Im down for marvel and have a copy of sf4 for ps3


since im close to you 562 people lets drop this post and continue my discussions @

if all goes well and enough people like this venue we can have weeklies or bi weeklies here involving tournies and such i have done smash bros tournys here before where many have came such as mango and zuu ect.

Ill make a different posting for my venue btw if all goes well enough in the community


I say leave this one open.


Yeah, I agree.


ok ill make this my official thread now cya guys today i have 2 confirms already 1 early ish 1 lateish


So wth, is this only going to be on Tuesdays?


no i dunno what day to make it official just today its open sorry caps lock(unleash the fury)


Hey I live in SC … This is too close to me. I have a ps3 or 360 I can bring but I have modded SE for (360)


no consoles needed only sf4 ps3 game and possibly a TV, this was open today but its over already was pretty fun got to meet people, it will be open saturdays weekly for training / casuals


Just out of curiosity, how many people were there Tuesday?


total playing 7 but more just hanging out


GGs peeps.


gg’s guys. it was good fun. thanks a lot wek!


np hope to talk to you more soon, and game more. I will be practicing more also so yeah let me know if u wanna ever game n practice.