Cancelling and Juggling with Dudley, how is it done?

So i’ve seen people ex machine gun, then some crazyass juggling which i can’t follow, and end up landing a corkscrew to finish. From what i would guess, i have seen the ex machine to the rushing mk cancelling to the corkscrew…i’ve seen crazyier shit then this, but i can’t even do this. How do i cancel to that corkscrew, better yet, how do i cancel period? And if you know the crazy continuous juggling combos he lands with that ex machine, please fill me in. Thanks

If you don’t know how to cancel, don’t be worrying about Dudley’s juggling. o_o

go in the complete dudley thread and read that. canceling is basically rolling the stick around twice then pressing punch/kick to make the super come out after u’v connected with the first attack that is cancellable. but learn the basics then the crazinees, fighting games are all about the basics. Good luck


YOU would be worrying about dudley’s juggeling if you suck with the precision and timing …